The singer also opened up about whether or not he's actually married.

Ed Sheeran Playing the Guitar
Credit: Ed Sheeran via Instagram

Ed Sheeran is no stranger to facilitating couple's big moments. He's given surprise performances at weddings and even shared his stage to help fans pop the question. As for his latest romantic gesture? According to Sky News, Sheeran paused his most recent London concert so one man could get down on one knee.

The moment happened during Grammy winner's performance of "Perfect." He reportedly sang the line, "She shares my dreams, I hope that someday she'll share my home," before stopping the song short. "Two seconds, can everyone just be quiet so this man can ask a question?" he asked before deferring to Matthew Reed, who then asked his girlfriend of 4 years, Rebecca, to marry him. After the crowd confirmed that Rebecca said yes, Sheeran offered his congratulations. "Fantastic," he said, before restarting the song.

That wasn't the only romantic moment of the evening. After the concert, Sheeran was asked about his current relationship status with his longtime love, Cherry Seaborn (rumors circulated that she and Sheeran tied the knot earlier this year), in an interview with Heart Radio. Sheeran might have deferred the question, but he did so for the sweetest reason.

"It's not my life anymore, it's hers," he explained. "So I kind of don't really like speaking too much on it because when, like, it's me, I'm like 'Of course I can talk about it' but now there's another human being in my life."


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