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Sandusa towels


Aussies always are in the know! I love the beach, and really, who doesn't? I spend a good part of the summer by the ocean, and like many people, I don't love it when wet sand gets stuck on everything including my beach towels-the very item that is supposed to keep you clean and dry. But now with Sandusa's amazing towel technology, that problem is solved! The nylon backing on the towel prevents sand from clinging to it-as long as you rest the towel nylon-side-down onto the sand. It's also waterproof, so moisture can't seep through the nylon backing and attract sand on the front side either! It's a win-win situation. I recently had the pleasure of sitting on a beach towel from Sandusa. While I already loved the design and look of it, I fell more deeply in love as I stayed dry. Even when I carried it to the car, there was no extra sand flying off the towel! I wish we could say the same for people's feet!

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Pangea swim suits

Pangea Swim

Get inspired for your honeymoon! Travel- and adventure-inspired men's bathing suits are a must-have for your travel bag, and really are perfect for any bathing suit day! I may not be sitting on yacht in the Adriatic sea, but I feel like I am when I wear these super-cool suits. Pangea Swim's bathing suit patterns and styles are inspired by the designers' experiences traveling to exotic locations all around the world.

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Pangea swim suits


What is grown in California, spun in Georgia, and woven in the Carolinas? Something lovely, that's what: the gorgeous bedding from Authenticity50. I love white because it looks amazing in any room and represents purity and cleanliness, and these sheets are all that and much more. They make a perfect wedding gift for a couple and are an amazing item to register for! The sheets are totally soft and smooth and provide for a great night's sleep.

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