22 Unique Fall Wedding Color Palettes That Celebrate the Season

fall wedding color palette mary alice hall
Mary Alice Hall

When we think of fall weddings, our minds immediately go a palette comprised of the colors of changing leaves. While red, orange, yellow, brown, and green seem to be the hallmark hues of the cooler months, you don't need to limit yourself to the shades of a tree on your autumnal wedding day. There are plenty of other color staples associated with the season that you can draw your inspiration from.

Some of our favorites? Pair warm, rich amber with unexpected pastels for just a dash of seasonal appeal. If you're searching for something more obvious, dreamy burgundy looks incredible next to brassy gold hues, while classic berry also feels so reminiscent of the season. If you like a more non-traditional color palette, consider ochre and blush, a balanced pairing that feels both masculine and feminine all at once.

When it comes down to it, any color combination can work for the fall season—as long as your mindful of that color's shade, that is. Even red, white, and blue, a palette typically reserved for a patriotically-themed summer fête, can feel autumnal if you opt for décor in deep crimson, crisp cream, and navy hues. When in doubt, opt for the jewel-tone versions of the colors you love the most, like amethyst, ruby, sapphire, and emerald. The richer the better.

And there are even more beautiful combos where these came from. Ahead, a collection of one-of-a-kind ideas for a fall-nuptial color palette that's anything but predictable.

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Evergreen and Blush

fall wedding color palette charla storey
Charla Storey Photography

Sometimes you need additional autumnal accents to make a color palette feel decidedly fall-ready. Here, blush pink velvet table linens by La Tavola contrasted beautifully with the dark green ribbons fastened to see-through escort cards from Harts and Quills. But it was the berry accents and inky blooms that sealed the deal.

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Yellow and Ochre

fall wedding color palette taken by sarah photography
Taken by Sarah Photography

Looking for a way to make yellow flowers feel less summery? Temper the cheery hue with ochre blooms and plenty of greens, à la Amy Nicole Floral.

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Flannel Palette

fall wedding color palette anagram photo
Anagram Photo

Look no further than his coziest fall flannel for wedding color inspiration. This bride's teal and navy shirt, emblazoned with an appropriate gold moniker, proved the shades work in tandem—especially with a pop of metallic.

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Emerald and Gold

fall wedding color palette sola lee
Sam & Sola Lee Photography

Hello, Emerald City. This green-and-gold accented paper suite by Ink & Sable was paired with luxe green table linens for a look that feels much more "fall wedding" than Wizard of Oz.

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Cerulean and Pink

fall wedding color palette mollie crutcher
Mollie Crutcher

Who said bright shades can't work for cold-weather celebrations? This bridesmaid's lace dress and fuchsia, yellow, and cream La Fleur Du Jour bouquet suggests otherwise.

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Red, White, and Blue

fall wedding color palette blush photography
Blush Wedding Photography

This iconic color palette goes beyond the Fourth of July. An all-white confection adorned with gilded berries and an ocean-blue velvet ribbon demonstrated how easily the trio can be adapted for the fall season.

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Peach and Charcoal

fall wedding color palette victoria black
Victoria of Wild Hearts Collective

Searching for a color palette that perfectly balances your love of both ultra-bright and majorly moody hues? Enter this venue's gray-black wall (perfect for wedding selfies!), which looked even inkier—and fall-appropriate—behind a peach lounge. An overhead floral installation by Wild Hearts Collective perfectly captured the vibe, thanks to pink and gold garden roses which slowly faded to blooms' and wild vines' darker tones.

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Lavender and Gold

fall wedding color palette jasmine lee
Jasmine Lee Photography

You'll find this pastel purple at many a spring wedding, but it's just as appropriate for autumn, as demonstrated by this table's linens and modern number marker by Charmed Events Group. The secret? Present pastels in fall-centric textures (like velvet!) and polish off the palette with a metallic (like gold!).

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Sunset Hues

fall wedding color palette amilia photography
Amilia Photography

Memorable sunsets (painted with magentas, peaches, and even crimson) typically mark the end of a perfect summer day. Celebrating an end-of-summer-meets-early-fall wedding with those colors, then, is especially salient. Just take this The Enchanted Florist table garland (designed by Alexandra Cantrell Events), complete with dahlias, garden roses, and peonies in dusk-inspired hues, for example.

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Pewter and Brass

fall wedding color palette lilly red
Lilly Red Creative

Meet pewter, silver's subtler, moodier sister. When paired with brass tones—and contrasted with saturated shades of pink and peach—it's the perfect add on a fall wedding tablescape.

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Magenta and Jade

fall wedding color palette sweetlife photography
Sweetlife Photography

You've likely seen plenty of blush-and-jade palettes at weddings, but an earthy green shades couples just as prettily with a richer pink. Heirbloom Floral & Event Design did just that when creating these eucalyptus and amaranthus chandeliers for an October celebration.

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Sapphire and Emerald

fall wedding color palette connection photography
Connection Photography

The best part about jewel tones? Virtually any two shades in the rich, deep color family are complementary, as evidenced by these bridesmaids in mixed-and-matched emerald and sapphire gowns.

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High Contrast Black & White

Long Reception Table with Red Flower Arrangements
Adam Barnes

While fall may be rich in color, it's also a season that allows for a more formal tone. This black-and-white themed wedding in Washington, D.C., set dark-hued tables in an all-white room, really highlighting the architecture surrounding and begging the eye to look up. With low-lying garlands of eucalyptus lining the tables' centers, the look was formal and understated.

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Amber and Pastels

place setting
Greg Finck

Blush tones, peachy hues, and pale blue aren't typically colors you'd expect to see at a fall wedding, but this place setting is a great example of how you can mix deep amber tones and dark leafy greens to make a color palette feel rich and autumnal.

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Ebony and Rose

Wedding bridal party
Maui Maka Photography

The sleek black attire worn by this bridal party was perfectly accented with deep red blooms. Since the bride chose to wear a floral gown, the solid gowns her bridesmaids wore allowed her dress to really pop in contrast.

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Brassy Burgundy

joanna jay wedding reception banquet table
Nina and Wes Photography

With their wedding reception taking place in an all-white industrial loft, this couple opted to bring in burgundy hues and brass accents, toning down the white and giving the space a more intimate feeling. The tables were lined with greenery and pale flowers, with tapered candles bringing the color pop.

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Reds and Blue Hues

wedding lounge area flowers couch pillows
Shannon Von Eschen

The décor throughout this colorful wedding incorporated various blue and red hues in everything from the lounge décor to the floral arrangements to the berry-topped wedding cake. The pairing is festive and light, yet surprisingly fitting for a fall wedding. If you want to make sure your details pop against the more muted backdrop of fall, this is the palette for you.

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Bold Berries

Liz Banfield

Bold berry tones made a big splash at this fall wedding. The rich floral colors are complemented with glowing gold candleholders and the industrial setting.

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Vibrant Navy

yolanda cedric wedding table
Charla Storey Photography

In stark contrast to the dark nature of navy, these centerpieces brought in various monochromatic shades of red, burgundy, coral, and pink. Fall fruits adorned the tables, including plums and pomegranates that fit the color scheme.

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Orange Crush

Corbin Gurkin

This happy couple wed in Italy with an all-orange-and-blue-themed wedding. The blues bring in thoughts of the clear autumnal skies while orange makes a nice contrast that's reminiscent of fall foliage.

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Ochre and Blush

urn flower arrangement
Mademoiselle Fiona Wedding Photography

Who says you can't have pale-pink flowers in fall? This arrangement of pink roses, Russian olive branches, and amaranth incorporates deep ochre tones. The result proves that you can always incorporate a splash of ballet pink in your big day.

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Golden Gray

jess todd wedding seattle family
Belathée Photography

With a gold and gray theme throughout this couple's wedding décor, it was only fitting that the bride chose to wear a pale gray wedding dress while her sister, the matron of honor, shone in gold. The combo works well for all things fall wedding—from the attire and flowers to the stationery and reception décor.

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