The big day is coming up fast!
Peta Murgatroyd and Maks Chmerkovskiy attending a formal event
Credit: Peta Murgatroyd via Instagram

It's no secret that fitness is an essential part of daily life for Dancing with the Stars competitor Peta Murgatroyd. But it sounds like the athlete's interest in staying toned has reached a new level in light of her upcoming wedding to Maks Chmerkovskiy. But what goes into the star performer's pre-wedding workout regimen? Let's just say the bride-to-be's gym schedule is intense!

Peta's trainer, Tim Hartwig, opened up about the dancer's fitness routine. According to E! News, Hartwig, who works with other Los Angeles athletes as a strength and conditioning coach, Peta is on a regimen that includes the same techniques utilized by pro football player Rashad Jennings before the start of football season. Getting fit is starting to sound like an understatement!

Hartwig explains that Peta's primary goal is to "maximize fat loss" and end up with a "nice, lean look" through a dual approach to health and fitness. That means almost two months before the big day, Peta started working with Hartwig three days a week, tackling two workouts a week on her own, and learning to "balance her diet" by increasing her H2O and protein intake and adding complex carbs, like quinoa and sweet potatoes, to her shopping list.

It's no surprise Peta, who recently posted an Instagram video of one of her workouts with Hartwig, has also limited her alcohol consumption to achieve that long and lean look. But Hartwig has the star eating three meals per day and two snacks. "You need to stimulate the metabolism," Hartwig shared with E! News. "We're doing the opposite of what most people do and seeing that eating is more beneficial."

The best part? Although Peta does have a goal weight, she and Hartwig are staying away from weigh-ins. "What we are really focusing on is eliminating the scale," the trainer said, adding that Peta hasn't weighed herself once throughout the program. "It's about how her clothes are fitting…We aren't focusing on the scale. We are basing it on how she looks and feels." With a plan like that, we're confident Peta will be aisle-ready in no time!


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