They're considered to be Britain's longest-married pair.
Helen and Maurice Keye
Credit: The Jewish Chronicle via Twitter

A British couple has officially been married for 83 years! If that sounds like an incredible feat, it is-they're thought to be the longest-married pair in the country, reports The Jewish Chronicle. The two were profiled after reaching the milestone, and their relationship is adorable.

The husband and wife in question, Maurice and Helen Kaye, are both centennials-they're 105 and 104, respectively. The spouses consider their marriage a "long haul," and are still happily in love. "So much has changed but we still have each other, thank God," Maurice shared.

To commemorate the occasion, the couple celebrated in a very meaningful way. "We had a great day with fabulous entertainment from our gorgeous great-grandchildren," Maurice said. "It is wonderful. Celebrating with all the family made it even more special," Helen added. "I surprised myself how much I enjoyed it."

Tina Son, the couple's daughter, considers her parents inspiring. According her, they're an "inspiration to everyone who knows them and we count ourselves truly blessed." The spouses also seem to be aging swimmingly. "Mum is still very stylish, having her hair done twice a week and her nails done every Friday, and Dad still has the same wicked sense of humor and zest for life," she shared. "Most of all, they still have each other and for that we are so very grateful."

While the couple's hit the 83-year mark, they've still got the rest of their lives together. "Now on to the next milestone," Maurice shared.


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