Parents know what a lifesaver those kid-friendly paper place mats (think: mazes, connect the dots, word-finder puzzles) can be at a restaurant. Here's a more updated (read: attractive) interpretation of that idea, perfect for a dedicated children's table at your reception. Print these whimsical yet functional activity place mats, created for us by New York City-based artist Jason Polan, onto 11-by-17-inch white paper. Arrange them on a colorful tablecloth for contrast (as we did here). And set the table with clear glass plates and plastic utensils positioned just so over the writing. You could also scatter a few cupfuls of crayons here and there for circling answers and doodling.

Download the PDF file with our template, created by Polan. Print it out onto heavyweight 11-by-17-inch paper or card stock. If your home printer won't handle that size of paper, an office copy shop can do it for you; simply copy the file onto a thumb drive or CD, and take it to the store.


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