Because going away isn't always the best option.
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With so much going on in everyone's personal lives, going away for a bachelorette party isn't the best option for every bride-to-be. In fact, many brides prefer the idea of a staycation. Though it may involve just as much planning as a weekend away, the convenience of keeping the celebration local and flight-free is sure to be appreciated by all of your guests. Here are a few ideas to get you started with the planning.

Make a weekend-long agenda.

To make your staycation feel like a weekend getaway, you'll want to plan a variety of shared meals and activities for all of the ladies to attend. Mix it up by having a formal dinner one night and something more casual the following night. Don't forget to take transportation to and from each activity into consideration.

Bunk up.

To make your staycation feel more like a vacation, add in a slumber party. Whether that means all the girls crash at a B&B in a charming neighborhood, a rental house by a river, or someone's large apartment will depend largely on your budget and the options available within your circle. But there's nothing as fun as a sleepover with all your girls, so this should be a priority, even if only for one night.

Include both indoor and outdoor activities.

When planning the agenda, you'll want to combine both indoor and outdoor activities. A great staycation schedule allows for some downtime, some physical activity, something cool and cultural, and something familiar. A pool party and BBQ is always a winning combo, a night at a museum or art gallery wins cultural points, and a hike or group yoga class is good for bonding.

Do something you wouldn't normally do.

Think of activities you wouldn't normally seek out in your area. Maybe that means visiting an oyster farm and brewery during the day and heading to a cool restaurant with a nice patio for dinner. Or maybe you can rent a chartered boat during sunset and bring along some sparkling rosé and picnic essentials. Maybe you take advantage of a local tourist attraction you've all driven past a million times but never stopped to see. Every area has its specialty, so take advantage of your local forte.

Be flexible.

One of the downsides of planning a staycation is that guests may have other obligations to their families and to their jobs throughout the weekend that mean they might need to be selective about which activities they can attend. The best way to approach this is to send out an agenda as early as possible so the ladies can plan around all of the events. That said, the flexible nature of a staycation is usually one of its biggest perks.


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