Being a helpful, considerate attendant should be your top priority.
groom outdoors fence with groomsmen

The tasks associated with your role as a groomsman are generally pretty straightforward: You're supposed to help plan the bachelor party, get to the rehearsal on time, wear whatever the bride says to wear, escort guests down the aisle, and dance with the bridesmaids. Unfortunately, some guys like to veer from the script. To ensure you're the type of attendant every couple dreams of, here are five things to avoid doing on the wedding day.

Don't: Drink Too Much

It's such a cliché but so true. Everyone's heard stories about the groomsmen who party like it's 2012 at their college buddy's wedding. Don't be that guy. Anything could happen-saying something inappropriate, cursing in front of Grandma, falling down stairs, getting sick, and so much more. If you're going to drink, be responsible about it so you don't embarrass yourself or the couple.

Don't: Show Up Late

The couple already has enough to worry about on the day of their wedding. You'll only add to their stress levels if they find out a groomsman is AWOL. Don't make the best man chase you down either: The couple will give you a timeline ahead of the wedding so do your very best to adhere to it.

Don't: Forget to Give the Groom Your Support

The groom may have jitters on the big day. Help him calm down by reassuring him that his feelings are common and will go away as soon as he catches a glimpse of his beautiful bride. Stay with him: Play video games, shoot hoops together, or take him out for breakfast-eating may make him feel better physically. Whatever you do, don't minimize his feelings or make him feel badly. Your job is to support him.

Don't: Make an Embarrassing Speech

If you've been asked to toast the happy couple, make sure your speech is clean. There will be older relatives in the room who would be uncomfortable hearing about the groom's exploits in Cancun. Save the raunchy anecdotes for the bachelor party and keep this toast positive, sincere, and brief.

Don't: Sit Out Every Dance

No says you have to be Justin Timberlake on the dance floor, but it becomes obvious to guests when the groomsmen are refusing to dance. You'll have way more fun if you try to get out there than you will sitting at the table. Find a few bridesmaids dancing together and join them.


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