Ultimately, the choice is yours. To help you decide, we asked wedding photographers to share their opinions.
couple on motorcycle engagement photo

When you're so busy crossing to-dos off of your pre-wedding checklist, it becomes easy to forget about some of the most fun nuptial-related tasks. One perfect example? Your engagement photos. While you're undoubtably busy choosing color palettes, floral centerpieces, and cake flavors, it's important to devote a little time to planning your pre-wedding photo session. After all, you'll need to select a location, an outfit (or two!), and decide on your hair and makeup. That begs the question: Should you have your hair and makeup professionally done for this photo shoot? Ultimately, the choice is yours, but we asked two expert wedding photographers to share the advice they give their couples.

Kyle John of Kyle John Photo says that it's not necessary-unless you want to. "Honestly, I feel engagement photos are an opportunity to be authentically you. To feel relaxed, come as you are and more so feel the vibe of the environment and the moment," he explains. Ideally, he likes his engagement sessions to reflect the couple and how they normally are together. If you feel most like yourself with minimal makeup, you might want to save the more glam look for your wedding and handle your own beauty routine for the engagement photos.

On the other hand, Abby Jiu of Abby Jiu Photography encourages her brides to treat themselves to a mini glam session. "We always recommend that our brides get their hair and makeup professionally done for their engagement session," she explains. That doesn't mean you need to go with a bold makeup look, though. You could ask for natural-looking makeup and a casual blowout, beach wave, or soft ponytail-you can select any hair and makeup look you love, but the benefit of having a professional handle its execution is that it'll translate beautifully in photos. "A professional knows just how much to apply for the camera so that you look your best. And when you look your best you'll feel your best. It will also come across in the photos, too."

Jiu adds that this is a great time to get comfortable with the hair and makeup artists you're thinking about using on the wedding day. "Schedule your makeup and hair with the same people that you plan to do your wedding," she says. "Your makeup will most likely vary from your engagement session to your wedding, but you will be able to get to know your makeup artist and get a taste for their style."


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