You don't want to shell out big on something you'll only wear once.
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It seems like men always look so dapper in suits and tuxedos, but the search for these good-looking outfits isn't always fruitful, and it can take a great deal of effort to make jackets and pants look red carpet-ready. In fact, the best-looking suits are often those that are custom-made from the man in question, as this is the best way to get a look that's polished, flattering, and entirely unique. That's why so many men are splurging on custom big-day attire. But a custom suit or tuxedo is just that: a splurge. That's why you want to make sure it's something you can wear time and time again. If you're thinking about heading to the tailor for your wedding suit or tuxedo, here's what you need to know to ensure you love it (and can continue wearing it!) well after the reception ends.

It's all about the fit.

If you read nothing else about men's suits, let your takeaway be this: Fit matters. You can purchase a suit from the most luxurious brand on Earth, but if it doesn't fit properly on your frame, it's never going to be right for you. A great suit should look like it's made for your body, and the best way to get that look is to go with a custom cut or work with your tailor to get the fit one hundred percent right.

Pay attention to modern detailing.

Today's most popular suits are slim-fit with a narrow lapel, tapered pant leg, and two-button jacket. That said, if your primary goal is to create a suit that's timeless, it's important to work with your tailor to find a look that combines these elements but still complements your frame.

Don't get caught up in trends.

Suit styles change slowly over time, making it easy for men to get tons of wear out of a custom look. To ensure the cut you choose feels timeless, you'll want to be careful with the colors and textures you bring into the mix. Dark colors like navy, burgundy, and charcoal can have a neutral quality to them, making them good choices for a long-lasting look. In terms of fabric, linens and cottons are great for summer, while velvets, wools, and tweeds have a sturdy, wintry feel. Just be cautious with graphics and color selections, as they can make a suit feel dated quickly. If you don't want to add a little personality to your look, do so in inconspicuous ways. A fun, colorful jacket liner has more staying power than a bright fabric. Remember it's always easy to change a shirt and tie to be more festive, so your suit should have a more anchoring quality to it.

Get the suit tailored again when you reuse it.

Since a great suit is all about the fit, making sure it still fits well should be a priority. If you don't often wear your wedding suit, visit the tailor prior to your next big event to ensure everything still fits well. They can also repair small issues, like a torn seam or loose button.


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