And not just for your engagement-ring selfie!
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He may be popping the question soon, which means you'll want to be ready-with gorgeous nails for that all-important ring shot! And, of course, the wedding day. But first things first-when you post your engagement selfie on Instagram, you want everyone to be focused on the amazing sparkler decorating your finger, not on your unkempt, halfi-bitten nails. If you start showing them some TLC now, you'll be ready for that moment when he proposes. We talked to nailcare experts on how to get your digits in gorgeous condition that'll do your ring proud.

Pamper yourself.

When it comes to nail care, getting a weekly manicure is key. Even if you're used to doing them yourself, now's the time to splurge and go to a pro. "I've had plenty of new clients come to me saying, 'I'm getting married in a couple months, I need help!' says celebrity manicurist Erica Marton of Red Market Salon Miami. If you can't see a professional, do this: File your nails every week, gently push back your cuticles, and apply cuticle oil. And don't forget to moisturize hands every day.

Start wearing dishwashing gloves

"You would be surprised at how much damage your nails get just by doing dishes--even if you don't handwash them often because you have a dishwasher," says Marton. "It's such a simple trick!" Use rubber gloves to protect your nails and keep your skin from getting dry.

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Exfoliate often.

Exfoliate your hands once or twice a week. "I like NCLA Polish Me Pretty," says Marton. "It uses a microdermabrasion technology that uses jojoba beads and green-tea scrub that is perfect for hand. It's not too coarse. Follow that with lotion."

Start a routine.

Be consistent with how you take care of your nails. Start a couple of months (or longer) before the big day. Don't use your hands or nails as tools, and if you want to take it to the next level, wear cotton gloves over a thick moisturizer at night.

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