You'll have to do some homework.
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You've hired your wedding videographer, which means that the hard part is over, but you still have some work left to do. To ensure that the highlight film from your big day is perfect, you should give some thought to the music that will be included. After all you'll be watching it with your family and friends every year on your anniversary for the rest of eternity, right? If you're not sure how to choose a timeless, upbeat musical option, we're here to help. These tried-and-true tips make finding the right tunes for your wedding video one of the most fun tasks you'll cross off your pre-wedding to-do list.

Watch a lot of wedding videos.

The best way to get ideas for your own wedding video (and entire wedding!) is to watch videos from other celebrations. At Love Stories TV, we have a list of 50 songs couples choose most often. If none of those move you, then check out some videos from other brides and grooms instead. You can start by watching wedding videos by your own videographer, and if you don't find a song you love there, move on to watching films shot at your venue. If another couple tied the knot at the same spot, there's a good chance they have similar taste to yours.

Check out music websites.

Wedding filmmakers purchase music for their videos on websites like and You can browse these sites and find the same library of music that your filmmaker will be consulting when they edit your video. Keep track of the tunes you like and let your videographer know which ones you connect with.

Think back on your history together.

Do you two have "your song" together? Then ask your videographer if it's possible to license a version of that tune for your highlight reel. Think about the music you both mutually love, or anything that's been an important part of your relationship. Is there a band you always see whenever they're touring? See if any of their music can be licensed, or if there's a cover available that can be if not.

Don't choose your music. Let your videographer do it.

You've hired a professional videographer to shoot and edit your wedding film. They're the expert and you should let them choose the music if there's nothing you're set on having. They're great at what they do and they're practiced in choosing the right songs and music to fit your unique wedding style and love story.


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