There's no need to panic.

By Aleesha Thomas
January 17, 2019
wedding gift table
Credit: Austin Gros

After carefully choosing a gift for the bride and groom, there's nothing worse than walking into the reception and realizing you've forgotten it at home. Unfortunately, it's a more common occurrence than most people think. So, what's a guest to do if they forget their gift-or even a card-at home? Don't panic. There are several easy solutions to this problem.

Mail your gift after the wedding.

It's as easy as that. If you forget your gift, simply put it in the mailbox the next day. You could include a note with your apologies that you didn't leave it at the wedding, but the bride and groom likely won't even notice the hiccup. In fact, because so many guests opt to mail gifts instead of bringing them to the wedding, it may not even occur to the couple that you forgot it.

Whatever you do, don't mention it at the wedding.

There's no need to tell the couple that you left the gift at home. First and foremost, it's an awkward conversation-while gifts are common at weddings, you don't want to make the bride and groom feel as if you think you were only invited for the present. Plus, they have a number of guests to greet. You don't want to take up a ton of their time going over the fact that you left your gift at home.

Remember that sending the gift is often a good idea anyway.

Did you purchase a bulky gift-like a stand mixer or vacuum-off of the couple's registry and don't feel like carting it around all day of the wedding? Mail the gift itself but leave a card at the reception. This way, you'll have something to drop off during the event, but large item is delivered to the bride and groom's home. The person tasked with transporting gifts home at the end of the evening will thank you.


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