The New Flower Crown: Greenery Crowns

greenery crowns jake and heather
Jake and Heather

So, you're not the kind of bride who wears flowers in her hair. We get it! Your style is simple and slightly-understated, and you prefer a neutral color palette, especially when it comes to your big day. If you're planning a celebration that errs on the ethereal, romantic side and want to look the part, wearing a natural headpiece might fit that aesthetic. To go sans color, consider the anti-flower crown—a circle of green-only foliage, woven from the prettiest leaves.

If you're worried that these non-floral adornments are one-note, think again. With so many pretty leaf varieties out there—like eucalyptus, olive, ivy, and clover—there are so many exciting ways to go green on your wedding day. The following brides, bridesmaids, and flower girls from real weddings prove that no two greenery crowns have to look the same. We loved how one bride wore a full, leafy headpiece that spilled onto her forehead. Another opted for something daintier, favoring a skinny woven option that complemented the leaves embroidered on her wedding dress.

Other brides kept their crowns free of florals entirely, but introduced other natural elements, like green berries. If you want to break up all the green, take notes from several women featured here, who punctuated their leafy wreaths with one or two white wildflowers or a sprig of barely-there baby's breath. However you decide to try out this trend, there's an earthy option here for you. Big or small, lush or understated, these greenery crowns are sure to bring an unexpected touch to your bridal style.

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Pretty Pairing

greenery crowns cara robbins studio
Cara Robbins Studio

Offset a lush, over-the-top bouquet with a simple green accessory, crafted with the same leaves the appear in your bouquet.

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Olive and Berries

greenery crowns sotiris tsakanikas
Sotiris Tsakanikas

Greenery crowns don't have to be exclusively leafy. Take a hint from this bride, who interwove her olive leaf halo with neutral berries.

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Green Groom

greenery crown mackensey alexander
Mackensey Alexander Photography

Let your groom in on the fun by topping off his look with a pine and myrtle leaf crown.

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Go with the Flow

greenery crowns ether and smith
Ether and Smith

We love how this natural hair piece follows the curve and curl of this bride's loose, romantic updo.

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Leaf Scrunchie

greenery crowns alexandra elise
Alexandra Elise Photography

Consider twisting foliage around your low bun, instead of around the crown of your head. This one is technically floral—it's made of new hydrangea buds broken out from the larger flower—but a similar effect could be made using clover or another small green leaf.

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Baby Buds

greenery crowns heather waraksa
Heather Waraksa

Upgrade a simple seeded eucalyptus tiara with barely-there sprigs of wax flower.

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Lots of Volume

greenery crowns michelle boyd photography
Michelle Boyd

Make your greenery crown your own by experimenting with different placements. We love how this bride let her leafy accessory tip forward, so that it fell onto her forehead.

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Braid Halo

greenery crowns art motion media
Art Motion Media

A forest fern and myrtle circle looks even lovelier when its situated above a half-up, half-down braided hairstyle.

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Made for 'Maids

greenery crowns on bridal party brandon scott photography
Brandon Scott Photography

The quickest way to boho up your bridal party? Top off all-white ensembles with Athenian-inspired leaf crowns that match your own.

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Safari Style

greenery crowns leila brewster
Leila Brewster Photography

An African safari wedding absolutely calls for a unique hair piece, like this one crafted from greens that grow in the arid Bush.

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greenery crowns brandon scott photography
Brandon Scott Photography

A dress embroidered with leafy motifs practically mandates a matching greenery crown.

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So Simple

greenery crown mustard seed photography
Mustard Seed Photography

The ultimate boho-chic bridal hairstyle—loose, beachy waves—gets kicked up a notch with a circle of olive leaves.

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One Leaf Wonder

greenery crowns vicki grafton
Vicki Grafton

If you're planning on wearing a bedazzled wedding dress and carrying a cascading, colorful bouquet, consider keeping your foliage hairpiece super simple—like this bride, opt for one type of leaf, all the way around.

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greenery crowns gina and ryan
Gina and Ryan Photography

Punctuate a single-leaf halo with rosemary for added texture and fragrance.

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Pure Boho

greenery crown jonnie and garrett
Jonnie and Garrett

From her flowy lace and tulle wedding dress to her tousled waves and olive leaf tiara, this bride is bohemian incarnate.

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greenery crowns jake and heather ice cream
Jake and Heather

We're not sure what we love more—this bride's shaggy greenery crown or the couple's ice cream cone pose.

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Baby's Breath Bridesmaids

Tropical Flower Crown
A Bryan Photo

Why not let your 'maids have all the fun? Deck out their updos with baby's breath circles and keep your own hair piece minimal.

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Flower Girl Flora

Natalie Watson Photography

Carrying a mossy petal basket and wearing a simple crown of greens and baby's breath, this flower girl embodies the ideal destination wedding style.

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Leafy in the Back

bride and groom walking holding hands
onelove photo

For a 1920s vibe, consider designing a bedazzled crown that's skinny in the front and full with leafy bunches in the back.

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Colorful Foliage

Green leaf head piece on bride
Kristina Lorraine

Burnt orange and speckled lime green bring a little brightness to this accessory.

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Winter Tiara

Gray Bridesmaid Dresses
Everbay Co.

Twigs and evergreen sprigs bring this bride's and maid of honor's crowns into the winter season.

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