In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Carly Boyd and her grandfather celebrated the only way they could—through his nursing home's window.


While many restrictions are being put in place to protect seniors against the coronavirus pandemic, one bride-to-be couldn't wait to share her engagement news with her grandfather—even if it meant telling him from a distance. According to Good Morning America, newly-engaged Carly Boyd surprised her grandfather, Shelton Mahala, outside of his nursing home window to include him in the moment.

Boyd was able to do so with the help from a few staff members from the Lake Waccamaw, North Carolina, living facility, where Mahala remains in protective isolation. She noted that her relationship with her grandfather is too important—she simply couldn't pass up sharing the engagement announcement in person. "When I arrived at the nursing home, I ran around the building to get to his bedroom window and they pulled up his blinds," she said. "I pointed to my ring and he realized I was engaged!"

Even with the barrier between them, her grandfather was overjoyed; Boyd said that she could feel the love, regardless of the circumstance. "He was so happy, he kept asking me, 'When's the wedding?'" Boyd said. "I know he feels a little trapped right now because of all the restrictions. We both said we love each other, and it was just a really emotional moment."

Boyd also took the opportunity to share the importance of distancing yourself from others and putting normal routines on hold to protect those most vulnerable to the novel coronavirus. "When people think about going out and having a good time this weekend, I hope they realize that others are sacrificing very personal relationships and the social well-being of loved ones to keep everyone safe," she said.


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