Whether creating gowns for every-girl or for celebrities such as Jessica Simpson, Caroline Kennedy, Renée Zellweger, and Christina Hendricks, the designer and living legend knows what it takes to prepare a bride for her walk down the aisle. Here, her words of wedding wisdom.

Pick What You Love

"Remember that finding a flattering silhouette isn't the only thing to consider when selecting a dress. It must suit your personality as well."

Go Pro

"Regardless of where you purchase your dress, have a professional seamstress do the alterations, because she'll have an eye for the correct proportions."

Add Your Own Touches

"Jewelry, shoes, flowers, hair, and makeup are also a reflection of your personality. Choose accessories you adore, but don't wear too many. I like to let a bride's beauty and the elegance of the dress speak for themselves without lots of other distractions."

Give It a Boost

"As you are walking in, have someone fluff the back of your dress. It adds a bit of drama for the big moment."


"Remember to take a breath, and soak in all of the love that you'll receive on that day. Because when you see your fiancé standing at the end of the aisle, nothing else will matter."


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