32 Unique Ideas for Winter Wedding Favors

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If you plan to follow tradition, you'll likely send your wedding guests home with a favor at the end of the night. The tokens express gratitude and let attendees know that you recognize their presence and financial contributions. While you can stick with season-neutral presents, many couples choose favors that reflect their wedding date. For winter weddings, that means selecting trinkets that embrace wintertime holidays, colors, motifs, or the chilly weather. If you're worried that the pool of possibilities is as barren as a winter landscape, fear not. The days may be shorter, but they're filled with many ideas to inspire your big-day favors.

Send along some season's greetings with the goodies you give away on your special day. You can do so by incorporating seasonal motifs (like evergreen trees) and themes (like Christmas or New Year's Eve) inspired by the colder months. Or, borrow from the seasonal palette, focusing on holiday shades (red and green) or hues inspired by nature (like sparkling white, for snow). Alternatively, make coziness a priority, and give guests comfort foods or accessories that'll help them stay toasty.

Winter is the season of giving, which is reason enough for making your guests' gifts even more meaningful. Ahead, one-of-a-kind ideas for winter wedding favors, sourced straight from real celebrations. Whether these presents offered warmth, spread festive cheer, or did something else entirely, they were all memorable, fun, cool, or creative. Check them out here before planning your own winter guests' gifts.

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Bell Favors

jingle bell favors
Tec Petaja Photography

Combine wedding bells and jingle bells into one, like this couple did with their classy, Christmas-themed favors.

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Pine Cone Favors

favor boxes on chairs
Sweet Root Village

At this wedding, guests took home ornaments made of pine cones.

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Dried Flower Favors

favor boxes on chairs
Rad + In Love

Attendees at this celebration recieved little bundles of dried flowers, which are better at withstanding the cold.

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Candle Favors

favor boxes on chairs
Mustard Seed Photography

Candles and the winter go hand in hand. At this wedding, guests walked away with the classic gifts.

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Tree Favors

sapling favors
Michelle Boyd Photography

This bride and groom gave guests baby pine trees to plant. Ellen Westcott of Westcott Weddings put the bags together.

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Thermos Favors

favor boxes on chairs
Justine Bursoni Photography

Guests were served warm beverages at this wedding, and were allowed to take home the thermoses afterward.

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Luggage Tag Favors

favor boxes on chairs
Elizabeth Nord Photography

Winter weddings are often destination weddings. To stick with the theme, give guests luggage tags.

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Recovery Kit Favors

favor boxes on chairs
Bonnie Sen Photography

These guests were given recovery kits filled with supplies to tackle any post-partying troubles. The idea is great for a New Year's Eve wedding.

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Compass Favors

Liz Banfield

At this ski-themed wedding, the bride and groom used compasses as escort cards. The little gadgets stored calligraphed seating assignments and were strung with vintage ribbon onto two large pine trees. The idea makes for creative keepsakes, which can be reused as ornaments on a future Christmas tree.

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Getaway Car Favors

Aaron Delesie

With Christmas around the corner, this bride and groom gave ornamental versions of their getaway car as favors at their Thanksgiving wedding.

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Blanket Favors

favor boxes on chairs
Liz Banfield

Guests who attended this mountainside reception received plush fleece blankets embroidered with the couple's initials as a thank-you present.

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Breakfast To-Go Favors

Thayer Allyson Gowdy

At the end of this late-winter wedding, friends and family left with a thoughtfully-prepared package of miniature scones, clotted cream, and homemade orange-bergamot marmalade courtesy of the bride's pastry-chef sister-in-law.

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Cake Favors

Our Labor of Love

The bride didn't want to stop the dancing for a cake cutting, but the groom loved yellow cake. The compromise at this December wedding? Filling canning jars with slices made from good ol' Betty Crocker mix to create escort cards-turned-favors.

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Local Favors

Liz Banfield

Red Wing Stoneware tulip mugs filled with a cellophane bag of homemade cookies went home with each celebrant at this wedding. The baggies were tied with orange string and stamped tags noting the sweets' flavors (peanut butter and chocolate chip) and their maker (the bride's mother). The tags also stated that the mugs were made nearby (in the bride's birthplace of Red Wing, Minnesota).

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Apple Favors


This couple gave "tattooed" apples from Old Tower Farm as favors at their wedding; the unripened fruit had been covered with stickers, and then left to turn red in the sun.

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Coffee To-Go Favors

Daniel Kiyoi

Departing attendees filled porcelain travel cups with tea or Stumptown coffee at this wedding.

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Toasty Favors

favor boxes on chairs

At this winter wedding, the gents were given flasks and the ladies went home with cozy winter boots. Each gift was adorned with a custom-made tag.

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Maple Syrup Favors

Cassidy Rehwaldt

Mini bottles of locally-tapped maple syrup accompanied Kraft-paper escort cards at this February wedding in Vermont.

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Dragee Favors

Aaron Delesie

The bride's mom stuffed burlap bags with almond dragees, a symbol of good luck, for her wedding.

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Flower Bar Favors

Hannah Hudson Photography

Guests at this December wedding went home with individually-wrapped bouquets of Christmas ilex, winter greenery, and amaryllis as a takeaway favor from the flower bar.

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Flask Favors

Elizabeth Messina Photography

To help fight the seaside chill at this February wedding, men in the group were given flasks engraved with the phrase "California Dreaming," which was the song that played as the newlyweds recessed. The flasks were filled with the couple's favorite Scotch to warm the guys up.

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Christmas-Themed Favors


At this December wedding, muslin sacks were rubber-stamped with "naughty" or "nice" and left out for guests, near a sign reading "Please conduct a brief self-evaluation of your behavior this year, and choose one accordingly." The naughty bags held chocolate "coal;" the nice bags were filled with peppermint sticks and peppermint-chocolate bark.

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Homemade Favors

Landon Jacob

Cookie favors at this February wedding were gifted in brown sleeves that were stamped with the couple's logo and sealed with washi tape.

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Pine-Wrapped Favor Boxes

Shannon Von Eschen Photography

The bride assembled favor boxes and wrapped them with chevron paper, twine, and a piece of pine for this wedding.

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Hanky Favors

Justin and Mary

White hankies were set out for guests to grab (and keep) pre-ceremony at this black-tie wedding. Small evil-eye charms pinned to each integrated the bride's Turkish culture.

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Thank-You Card Favors

Kate Headley

While guests were at the reception, gold Christmas ornaments were placed on their hotel beds as a surprise for when they returned to tuck in for the night. There was also a note thanking them for joining in the celebration and wishing them a happy holiday.

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Ornament Favors


As this winter wedding came to an end, guests were given ornaments printed with the couple's favorite Bible verse: "From his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace."

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Bottle Opener Favors

Jillian Mitchell Photography

As a nod to their winter destination wedding in Mexico, this couple gifted guests with vintage airplane bottle openers. Each goodie included a tag with the phrase "let's get this adventure going."

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Favor-Filled Piñatas

Trent Bailey Photography

At first glance, this New Year's Day wedding's celebratory disco balls looked like just that—disco balls. But a whack with a baseball bat revealed their true identity—festive piñatas filled with goodies including candy, gift cards, and even a pair of Broadway tickets.

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Hot Chocolate Favors

James & Schulze

The bride's mother created these hot cocoa favors, which featured sprinkles of cinnamon and chili powder, plus handwritten thank-you notes tied on.

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Hand Warmer Favors

Shannon Von Eschen

Jessica Hearing of A Vintage Affair Events and Rentals granted guests the gift of warmth at this outdoor ceremony. These simple, wintry hand warmers were made of cotton and filled with lavender.

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Take-Home Bag Favors

Mint Photography

Guests attending this winter wedding received black thank-you bags to fill with take-home cookies. Throughout the ceremony they were also given an array of smaller goodies.

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