Take "brown bagging it" to the next level with these fizzy favors.
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Credit: Bryan Gardner

We think you'll agree that nothing says, "let's celebrate" like a little bit of bubbly. While you could just pop open a bottle of champagne, why not take a more creative route? To make these charming sparkling wine wedding favors, tuck single servings of bubbly inside kraft-paper covers. Dress them up with brightly colored straws for easy sipping, attached with pieces of festive gold tape. Our simple DIY project makes the perfect treat to share with your bridesmaids while you all get ready for the big day. Alternatively, you can offer them as favors or serve them at the after party. We'll drink to that.

Boozy Favors to Keep the Party Going Post-Wedding


An Ultimate Glossary of DIY Tips, Tools, and Techniques


  1. Download our brown-bag template.
  2. Print on kraft paper.
  3. Fold along the red lines: Alternate the direction of the folds for the five lines closest to the 'Cheers' text to create cinched sides. Fold the last red line inward.
  4. Use scissors to cut along black trim lines.
  5. Apply adhesive to the glue line parallel to the 'Cheers' text.
  6. Make ¼-inch cuts into the creases at the base of the template, creating four flaps.
  7. Fold each flap inward and apply adhesive along glue lines.
  8. Pinch the base of the sleeve firmly together until sealed.
  9. Place the mini bottles in the bags and attach straws.
  10. Enjoy!


Domaine Chandon, Napa Valley Brut sparkling wine, $6 each, sherry-lehmann.com.

Natural Kraft Text, 11" by 17", $13 for 50, paperpresentation.com.

Flexible straws, $1.50 for 50, birthdaydirect.com.

Metallized Mylar gold tape, ½", $7.75/roll, uline.com.

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