There's something so special about ringing in the new year with your brand-new spouse by your side.
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No matter how many years in a row you and your significant other watched the clock strike midnight on New Year's Eve, it's an entirely different experience to do so as newlyweds. "As a married couple, you have more life goals together and you can dream of what the future holds, such as having children, buying your first home, or traveling to new places-plus, New Year's Eve is the perfect time to make those married resolutions," says Amanda Rose, dating expert, matchmaker and founder and CEO of Dating Boutique and Prestige Connections. Wondering how you should celebrate this momentous occasion? Here are some relationship expert-approved ideas for ringing in the new year as husband and wife for the first time.

Host a New Year's Eve party with family and friends.

If you're up for the task of hosting, why not continue the party you started on your wedding day by inviting friends and family over to watch the ball drop? "For many new couples, hosting a party is a landmark in the relationship. Making your first party as a newly-married couple a New Year's Eve party is a great rite of passage," says April Masini, relationship and etiquette expert. "It's a great way to launch the year and the marriage!"

Have a romantic dinner for two.

If you're not in the mood for a loud and crowded party, Masini recommends keeping it classic and old-school by planning a nice dinner date for just the two of you. "Whether you cook together, bring in lobsters, sushi, steaks, or simple pasta dinner with a bottle of Champagne, a candlelit meal for the two of you is a lovely way to celebrate your first New Year's Eve together," she says. "It's memorable, satisfying, and it's a way to mark the holiday."

Plan a weekend getaway.

New Year's Eve presents the perfect opportunity to get out of town since you both likely have a few days off of work. A local vacation works, but if you can plan a little getaway, that's even better. "Whether you get on a plane and go to Paris or get in the car and drive to a snowy cabin or a desert spa, a getaway is a wonderful way to start the year and your marriage," says Masini.

Make a ritual of setting New Year's intentions.

Lauren Korshak, a licensed marriage and family therapist, dating coach, and relationship counselor, suggests setting aside some time to create intentions for the next year together. "As part of the ritual, you may consider taking some time together in conversation reflecting on how your first year of marriage has been-the ups, the downs, and the in-betweens," she says. "Marriage is a journey, so it's important to celebrate milestones and take time to reflect on how you've grown together."


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