Here's how to get through the day without ugly crying.
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Red eyes, runny mascara, and quivering lips are common occurrences at a wedding. We get it! Marrying the love of your life in front of family and friends can be so emotional, and although there's nothing wrong with shedding a few (happy!) tears on the big day, we also know that full-on waterworks can lead to ruined makeup and subpar pictures. If you're nervous that you're going to sob during the most emotional moments of the day, here are five ways to help you keep your emotions in check.

Practice Your Vows

Although tear-jerking moments happen throughout a wedding, your ceremony is perhaps the most emotional of all. Some couples find it especially hard to keep their emotions in check while reciting their vows, especially if they're sharing sentiments they've written themselves. Practice reciting vows as often as you can ahead of the wedding. While it will certainly be different sharing them with your soon-to-be husband or wife on the big day, knowing your words through and through may make it easier to get through them without ugly crying.

Do a First Look

Although it's not foolproof, having a private first look may help you get your emotions in check before you have to walk down the aisle. Plus, you can enjoy this moment and let the tears flow freely since you'll have time for a quick touch-up before the ceremony begins.

Avoid Emotional Songs

For some people, music and lyrics strongly influence emotions. If you adore a song that you know might make you cry during your walk down the aisle, consider saving it for a less emotional part of the day, like your cake cutting. Choosing something upbeat, yet still romantic and appropriate, for your processional song may help you keep the tears at bay.

Talk It Out

Bottled-up emotions are sure to spill out at some point during the wedding. Instead of holding everything in, take some time in the morning to pen a note to your significant other or to talk through your feelings with your bridesmaids.

Remember That You Have Time for Touch-Ups

Whether you end up sobbing during the ceremony or let just a few tears fall, you don't want to rush into the portrait session directly afterwards. Instead, keep your makeup artist on hand, and schedule a few minutes for touch-ups before snapping photos. Just remember that most makeup artists charge extra if you want them to stay at the venue longer, so make sure it's within your budget. And knowing that you'll have to fix your makeup after letting tears fall during the ceremony or reception speeches may help the practical side of you hold it all together!


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