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From the beautiful foliage to the abundance of delicious seasonal foods, there are so many wonderful reasons to plan a fall wedding. And of course, along with the change of the season, there are a few extra tips and tricks to keep in mind. Here's our take on planning a fall wedding that embraces all the coziness and joy this magical time of year conjures up.

Seasonal Ideas for a Fall Wedding

Book vendors as early as possible

If you've chosen to host a fall wedding in an area known for its gorgeous color-changing leaves and dreamy weather, odds are you're not the first in line. You'll want to be sure to book the venue, hotels, transportation, and even the photographer as soon as possible because September and October are considered wedding season's busiest months among the pros. Believe it or not, even the shuttles and mobile restrooms can get overbooked this time of year! If you can knock out all of your vendor selections early in the planning process, you'll be thanking yourself later on.

Make guests' comfort a priority

Rain, wind, and cold are always at the forefront of fall wedding concerns and it's absolutely crucial to have a plan for all of the above so you and your guests are comfortable. If you're hosting a wedding outdoors, you'll certainly want to have a plan in place for rain or a sudden cold front. You can usually make the call within 48 hours to bring in extra heaters, but tenting will have to be arranged far in advance. If you think there's a good chance of rain at your outdoor venue, flooring is something you should seriously consider if you're bringing in a tent. A soggy, slippery, muddy ground does not do great things for the ambiance at a formal affair.

Creating cozy vignettes helps step up the feeling of warmth in a space. Adding throw blankets, shawls, and even bringing in fire pits, an espresso machine, and s'mores can be charming ways to inject the fall spirit and keep guests happy regardless of the uncontrollable weather.

Take advantage of Mother Nature's color palette

We tend to think that color palettes only apply to attire and centerpieces, but it's important to think about the big picture when you're planning your wedding. If you can coordinate the flow of your ceremony and reception so that guests are able to experience the most colorful viewpoints during daylight and sunset, you'll be paving the way for some awesome photo moments. Sunset cocktail hour overlooking a valley of oranges, reds, and yellows is undeniably romantic.

Use the season's bounty

There's more to fall flavors than pumpkin, so you might want to have a chat with your caterer about developing a menu that works with the local seasonal fare. You can incorporate delicious foods like chanterelle mushrooms, various types of squash, or slow-roasted meats. In fact, you can even take this approach with the bar menu and feature specialty drinks with muddled pear and ginger or serve prosecco with Meyer lemon rind and a rosemary sprig. Surely your catering team can drum up some creative ideas that work for your food preferences.

From the food and drink to the way you introduce your guests to their multi-hued surroundings, there are so many ways to incorporate the beauty and bounty of fall into your wedding day. Just be sure to plan ahead and keep it cozy and you should be in good shape.

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