As it turns out, they still love the old-school tradition of tying tin cans to the bumper.

By Alyssa Brown
December 07, 2018
wedding getaway car with cans
Credit: Branco Prata

Probably one of the most fun wedding décor moments to plan and photograph is the bride and groom's getaway. While some couples focus on an exit that includes a sparkler sendoff or a big brass band, the traditional wedding getaway includes a decorated car. If you're thinking about ways to make a traditional getaway car exit your own, consider these ideas, which top wedding planners say are their all-time favorite decorations.

Florals, Greenery, and Banners

Bold flowers in the colors of the wedding scheme, fresh greenery, and "Just Married" banners are traditional décor that make for gorgeous, timeless photographs. Wedding planner Jacin Fitzgerald says, "There's always something to be said for clean and classic, and when we're able, we love to dress up a getaway car with a banner or florals."

A New Take on Traditional Cans

"We recently sprayed tin cans in shades of rose gold, grey, champagne, and ivory to tie into the wedding colors and strung them from the bumper of the family's vintage Mercedes for a fun getaway," Fitzgerald says. The noise factor and photo moment make this time-honored tradition a wedding planner's favorite. Alison Rinderknecht, owner of Alison Events, also loves the tin can tradition, but she likes to turn to the local scenery for a new spin. "We recently produced a wedding in Japan and used bamboo stalks in lieu of cans," the pro explains. "It was fun and complemented the environment."

Alternatives to the Classic Car

Fitzgerald is a big fan of alternatives to the getaway "car." For a country club wedding, her team spray painted golf balls in the wedding colors and attached them to a golf cart with ribbons for the getaway moment. "And I've always thought a boat getaway with fireworks would be a fun, classic ideas," she adds.

Continue the Party

If you're a party-loving couple, wedding designer Liz McKellar of The Nouveau Romantics suggests a getaway car that's decked out with holograph streamers and sequin disco balls. One more flashy idea McKellar recommends is incorporating neon signage on the back of the getaway car. Pair your sign with tons of wild greenery and bold, colorful flowers to really make a statement.


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