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Red and white bouquet
Credit: Greg Finck

There's a lot more to winter wedding decorations than just white table linens, leafy green garlands, and glowing fairy lights. In fact, many wedding planners say that winter nuptials are the perfect opportunity to play with trends both new and old. To help you plan the most stylish cold-weather celebration, pros share their decorating dos for winter ceremonies and receptions.

Glamour and Sparkle

Don't be afraid of a little glitz and glam, especially if you're getting married this holiday season. After all, everyone loves a winter wonderland. "During the winter, people start moving away from the rustic wedding and focus instead on celebrating in a glamorous, show-stopping way," explains Larry Scott, celebrity event planner and owner of Lawrence Scott Events. "For example, on a card table at a recent wedding we did a 13-foot tornado of handmade silk butterflies with crystal butterflies on the table," he says. If silk and crystal aren't in the budget, up the glam level in the room by hanging lights, a chandelier, or even a disco ball!

Mixed Flowers

"The trend for winter weddings used to be simple minimalistic flowers or a hedge, but now we are seeing mixed arrangements that are bigger and better," says Scott. "Think mixed roses, orchids, and lilies." To up the wow factor, you can also wrap your bouquets in silver or gold fabric.

Packed Tables

In addition to plates, silverware, glasses, and a centerpiece, Scott notes that tables are more packed than ever. "You almost don't see the table because it's covered with things like glass candelabras, candy, little gifts for the guests, candles, and more." Need some inspiration for what to place alongside your centerpieces? Scott suggests having fun with branches and candles.

Warm Beverages

"Hot chocolate, cider, and mulled wine stations are all great drink options that speak to the time of the year," says Anthony Taccetta, wedding and event planner. "Hand them out as people arrive to keep them toasty and 'happy' during the ceremony or while they wait for the event to start."

Whisky Tastings

One fun trend that entertaining expert Paul Zahn has seen crop up at winter weddings is a whisky tasting station. "You can source some local distilleries or include your favorite brown spirits with an expert sharing tips and tricks about the products," he says.

Gifting Lounges

Another trend Zahn is helping his clients coordinate during the winter is a gifting station where guests can fill bags with seasonal items like hot cocoa, chocolate-covered espresso beans, monogrammed mittens, and knitted socks. "This avoids having to come up with guest gifts."


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