Four Signs You Need to Have Your Engagement Ring Resized

Believe it or not, most engagement rings require this tweak.

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Most engagement rings need to be resized after the proposal, even when your significant other went to great lengths to find out what size ring you generally wear. Believe it or not, there are a lot of factors that impact the fit of your sparkly new ring. Weather, exercise, salt intake, and sickness can all contribute to how your engagement ring fits on a given day, so the goal is to get a fit that's comfortable the majority of the time. Luckily, most metals can easily be resized by your jeweler should it be exceptionally large or small. So, how do you know if that's the case or if other factors are at play? These are the four most obvious signs you need to have your engagement ring resized.

It Stops at the Knuckle

A classic sign that your engagement ring is too small is that you can't get it over your knuckle or have to put in a whole lot of effort to get it on in the first place. The last thing you want is a ring that gets stuck on your finger and can't be taken off easily when you shower, go swimming, exercise, or do yard work.

It Squeezes Your Finger

Abby Sparks, owner of Abby Sparks Jewelry, says, "If a ring is too small it's going to squeeze your finger in a way where there's a little bit of finger flesh that pokes out on either side of the ring, like a muffin top." If you see this 'muffin top,' it's a sign that your ring will end up being uncomfortable to wear. Since you'll likely be wearing this every single day, it's important that it feels just right.

It Slides Off

Ever heard a horror story about someone losing their engagement ring? Avoid this entirely by ensuring your ring isn't too large for your finger. "A good way to test if your ring is too big is to wash your hands in cold water and get your hands really soapy," Sparks says. "If it comes right off then you need to get it sized down. You would never want to accidentally throw it away when you're drying your hands, which I've seen happen."

It Spins

Laina Albrecht with J Albrecht Designs explains that a ring that constantly spins around on your finger is often too large—however, that's not always the case. "Often it's more about the design of the ring and how it's weighted that causes spin rather than size," she says. Albrecht recommends pairing your engagement ring with another band to see if that reduces the spinning before you go ahead and get it sized down. If that trick doesn't do the tick, consult with your jeweler to see if the fit is off.

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