The royal allegedly cried the night before his wedding.
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There's no question that Princes Charles and Princess Diana's wedding was one for the ages. How could anyone forget Princess Di's gorgeous wedding dress, complete with a 25-foot train? While the day will go down in history as one of the most glamorous weddings ever, it wasn't quite the celebration for Prince Charles. In her new book, Prince Charles: The Passions and Paradoxes of an Improbable Life, author Sally Bedell Smith uncovers his true feelings about marrying Diana Spencer.

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The book claims that on the night before his July 29, 1981, wedding, Charles cried because he was still in love with his ex-girlfriend (and then-mistress) Camilla Parker-Bowles. If you know anything about the royals (or watched Netflix's The Crown), you know it's important for the family to marry someone of status. As for Prince Charles, he found quite the opposite in Camilla-who he's now happily married to. Their relationship began in 1971, and according to the author, Charles was attracted to her because she was down-to-earth, wasn't interested in fashion, and "always listened." The two split when Charles was stationed overseas in 1973, and Camilla married Andrew Parker-Bowles that same year.

That didn't mean the two would stop their affair, even after Charles and Diana Spencer started dating in 1980. Charles didn't want to get married, but his father Prince Philip sent his son a letter, pressuring him to marry Diana. Bedell Smith writes that Charles "wasn't in love, and that he wasn't ready for marriage. Psychologically he assumed his father bullied him, so he read it as a bullying letter."

Though Charles and Diana got engaged in 1981, even the public saw that the two, who were ten years apart in age, didn't have much in common. Diana famously cried at a polo match saying she wanted to call everything off. Could Diana have been feeling the pressure too?


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