Your ceremony exit is about to get a major upgrade.
Exit Toss Ideas
Credit: Johnny Fogg

Love is in the air, and with these DIY toss packets, so is confetti. Our take on the rice toss tradition is about to seriously amp up your wedding's send-off photo game. Think about it-white rice doesn't really show up on film. But oversized rainbow, silver star, and fluffy pom-pom varieties certainly do. Of course, you're tossing confetti for more than just the Instagram snapshot-the toss is designed to celebrate the newlyweds as they walk up the aisle or exit the reception. The best part? These pretty, colorful packets are easy enough to assemble at home with your favorite helpers (your bridesmaids!) and can be put together relatively quickly. Read on to discover your favorite, and then get crafting.

Rainbow Circles in Stripes

If you're throwing a preppy affair, black-and-white striped pillow boxes with pretty pink labels, at upper left, make the perfect confetti package. Keep the fun colors going by filling them with rainbow tissue circles. It's easy to imagine how pretty this oversized, multihued confetti will look floating in the air-and in the wedding photos!

Cascarones Circle Tissue Confetti, $20 for 1 lb., Papermart Striped Pillow Boxes in "Black," $4 for 12,

Celestial Stars in See-Through Cylinders

For a glam metallic mix, seen upper right, combine mini iridescent star confetti, silver star confetti, and the confetti in silver flick sticks in clear mini cylinder containers (seen bottom right). It's safe to say that these celestial-inspired packs are definitely in a different galaxy than rice. Pretty out of this world, right?

Party City Iridescent Star Confetti, $1 for 0.25 ounce, Party City Silver Star Confetti, $6 for 2.5 ounces, Ultimate Confetti 6" Silver Metallic Flick Sticks, $3 each, Papermart Mini Clear Cylinder Containers, $28 for 48,

Pom-Poms in Floral Boxes

Repurpose these floral printed treat boxes to encase a blend of multi-sized pom-poms. For a little something extra, top the boxes with extra-large pom-poms before tucking the smaller ones inside. The final product is like like a perfectly-wrapped gift-almost too pretty to open.

Meri Meri for Liberty Assorted Treat Boxes, $9 for 9, Michaels Pom-Poms, 1/2-inch and 10mm Pom Poms, $2 each,

Eco-Friendly Packets

Go eco-chic with Inside My Nest's biodegradable confetti in cones of handmade "Lokta" fiber paper, at bottom left. Add printed, personalized stickers (we like to tie everything together-and to add a welcome pop of color.

Inside My Nest Biodegradable Confetti, $27, Lokta Fiber Natural Fine Paper, $5 per sheet,


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