Without missing out on any major experiences.

Approaching wedding planning with a minimalist mindset isn't really about cutting your budget, though that can be a perk. Ultimately, it's about focusing on the most essentials details in order to ease your stress and allow your mindset to feel clutter-free. Paying attention to the carbon footprint of your wedding, downsizing décor, and choosing to emphasize quality over quantity can help you appreciate how spectacular it is to have all of your loved ones gather in one place to celebrate your marriage. Considering a minimalist approach for your big day? Here's how you pull it off.

Understand that simplicity is key.

Look at any Scandinavian design magazine and you'll quickly realize how impressive simplicity and minimalist décor can be when done right. You may want to have a chat with your floral and design teams to see what you can do to scale back on the wedding décor and make the setup feel edited down. By focusing on quality over quantity, you're more likely to create a scene that's memorable for the experience rather than for the little takeaway items.

Appreciate the big picture.

Décor details matter, but only to the extent that they help your guests enjoy their time and ensure they leave the party thinking what a joy it was to see the two of you so happy. No guest book, wedding favors, or welcome bags will send that message across as clearly as the stress-free smiles on your faces, which are far more noticeable when there's not a ton of clutter around to distract guests. A great band is really just as effective, since most guests will always remember the experience of seeing every single person on the dance floor.

Think about the impact.

With guests traveling from all different parts of the world, buffet-style food going uneaten, and flowers getting tossed in the trash at the end of the night, events can be major energy consumers and waste producers. If your carbon footprint is something you and your fiancé prioritize, try to find a venue that runs on solar or water energy. Talk to your catering team about ways to reduce waste. Ask if your floral team can prep takeaway boxes so that your guests can take flowers home at the end of the night, or if they'll deliver leftover flowers to a local hospital or nursing home. There are tons of ethically run, eco-conscious businesses out there and they tend to support one another, so find one green vendor and you'll find a whole crew.

Stick with the essentials.

The most important elements to creating a wedding that's joyful, memorable, and a whole lot of fun are good food, great wine, warm lighting, the right music, and the presence of your loved ones. If you can focus on these essentials and realize that the rest of the wedding planning is really the icing on the (small) cake, you'll be well on your way to approaching your wedding with a minimalist mentality and low-stress attitude.


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