You're allowed to ask for more than just bedding.

Getting married means you get to spend the rest of your life with the person you love, and it alsomeans you get a lot of gifts meant to help you settle into this new chapter of your life. Instead of putting the typical items on your list-like towels and cookware-switch things up a bit. Sure, getting new pans and dinnerware will help up your entertaining game, but there are some unexpected items you might want to add to your registry, too. From home goods to experiences, put these ideas on your radar.

Travel Gift Card

While new goodies for your home are great, it's hard to beat sharing a new adventure with each other. By asking for a gift card for a hotel or Airbnb, you and your S.O. can start planning your next trip as soon as you get home from the honeymoon.

Suitcase Set

Speaking of traveling, getting married is only one adventure on your list. To make sure you're prepared for all the spontaneous trips you'll be taking in the future, ask for a set of suitcases that can withstand years of travel.

Slow Juicer

Instead of buying an $8 juice every morning before work, stick a slow juicer on your registry. This option isn't just a sleek addition to your countertop-it also has a wide range of functions that will keep you and your spouse healthy post-wedding. Between fresh green juice, nut milk, and ice cream, your wish is this juicer's command.

Meal Subscription Plan

If you're too busy rewatching your wedding ceremony to worry about grocery shopping (we get it!), you'll be glad you have a meal subscription plan to help you make dinner stress-free a few nights a week. Figure out which service you like best and add it to your registry so you can enjoy marital bliss in all its glory.

Air Fryer

Air fryers are so underrated, and every newly-married couple's kitchen needs one. Instead of eating deep-fried food, one of these handy appliances lets you make everything from healthy french fries to crispy veggies with just a tablespoon of oil-or no oil at all.

Spa Treatment

After all the stress of planning a wedding and making sure everything went perfectly during your big day, both you and your hubby serve some R&R. And getting a free spa treatment-couple's massage and all-will do just the trick.

Room Diffuser

Nothing clears the tension like a room diffuser, and the relaxing scents available in most will turn a chaotic room into a zen atmosphere. The stress from your to-do lists don't stand a chance.

Workout Classes

A couple who works out together stays together, right? If you both have a favorite fitness studio you love getting your sweat on at, add it to your list: You can snag a few free classes and get a boost of endorphins in the process.


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