41 Stunning Ranunculus Wedding Bouquets

Small Blush Ranunculus Bouquet Tied with Blue Ribbon
KT Merry

Everyone always says that summer brides have their pick of the best wedding flowers, but we're here to let you in on a little secret: If you're tying the knot between January and May, you'll have easy access to one of our favorite bridal blooms, the ranunculus. While your florist can likely source this layered flower at any point during the year, it's most affordable (and arguably, at its prettiest) while it's in season.

But no matter when you're tying the knot, consider adding ranunculus to your big-day bouquet. Available in a variety of different colors, these delicate crepe-paper thin petals add tons of texture and interest to any arrangement. Statement-making enough to stand out on their own but still complementary enough to pair with bolder blooms (they look great next to a peony or garden rose), the ranunculus is an incredibly versatile bloom that works in just about any arrangement.

That's why it should come as little surprise that this charming flower has become a wedding-day staple in contemporary bouquets. Trying to find the perfect way to add them to your wedding? We give you our full support, plus tons of inspiration to help you find your dream bouquet. Here, 41 of our favorite ways to include ranunculus in your big-day arrangement.

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White Ranunculus Bouquet

Loose Bouquet with White Ranunculus and Queen Anne Lace
Allen Tsai Photography

Only Art put together this largely white wedding bouquet, which featured ranunculus, roses, Queen Anne's lace, and olive leaf greenery.

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Romantic Red Ranunculus Bouquet

Red and White Bouquet with Ranunculus, Anemones, and Peonies
Emily Delamater Photography

What's more romantic than a red flower? Not much. This bouquet capitalized on that idea by including plenty of red ranunculus, peonies, and anemones, along with a few white blooms for good measure.

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Muted Ranunculus Bouquet

Lush, Romantic Bouquet with Roses, Anemones, and Ranunculus
Esmeralda Franco

The oversized ranunculus in this Church Street Flowers bouquet are just as statement-making as the fluffy peonies, and plenty of greenery made each of the blooms pop.

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Yellow Ranunculus Bouquet

Lush Yellow & WHite Bouquet with Ranunculus
Jose Villa

Is there anything more cheerful than a yellow flower? Sarah Winward made this classic rose and anemone bouquet feel extra special with a few carefully placed yellow ranunculus.

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Bride and bouquet
Kat Braman

For her mountaintop elopement, this bride arranged her bouquet herself (she's the wedding planner and florist behind Kasey D Weddings). She went with a simple yet impactful mix of garden roses, ranunculus, and foliage for the big day.

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Petite Ranunculus Bouquet

Petite Bouquet with Roses, Ranunculus, and Anemones
Greg Finck

Floraison created this stunning petite arrangement, which was made from ranunculus, roses, poppies, and greenery.

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Trailing Ranunculus Bouquet

Trailing Bouquet with Pink Ranunculus
Ryan Ray

How cool is this trailing arrangement from Bows + Arrows? The bright orange ranunculus and the fluffy white peonies create a striking (and gorgeous) contrast.

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Japanese Ranunculus Bouquet

stefanie drew wedding bouquet
Julie Livingston Photography

This all-white arrangement was an ode to the Japanese ranunculus. We love that the bride used it as the primary flower in her bouquet.

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Colorful Ranunculus Bouquet

Pastel Bouquet with Orange Ranunculus and Pink Peonies
Birds of a Feather Photography

There's no need to skimp on color when you're using ranunculus as one of your main wedding flowers. This bouquet, arranged by Bloom Babes, featured pale orange ranunculus paired with a variety of different blooms in shades of pink, magenta, white, and cream.

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Pastel Ranunculus Bouquet

Muted Pastel Bouquet with Ranunculus, Sweet Peas, and Dusty Miller
Dana Cubbage Weddings

Brand Design Studio helped this bride realize her dream of a mostly ranunculus bouquet. The final product featured the layer blooms in shades of white and orange, plus plenty of sweet peas, stephanotis, and dusty miller.

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Loose, Handpicked Ranunculus Bouquet

WHite and Blue Bouquet with Ranunculus, Sweet Peas, and Dahlias
Emily March

This Petal Atelier bouquet looks almost as if was handpicked just before the wedding began. The mix of dahlias, ranunculus, thistle, and eucalyptus was beautiful.

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White Ranunculus Bouquet

All-White Bouquet with Ranunculus, Anemones and Greenery
Katherine Rose & Luke Griffin of Max and Friends

This Shindig Chic bouquet is a total classic. Peonies, anemones, ranunculus, and garden roses were paired with olive branches and magnolia leaves for a traditional look.

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Ombré Ranunculus Bouquet

Pink and Orange Ranunculus Bouquet
Lizelle Goussard Photography

To give this bouquet an ombré effect, Tulipano Decor arranged ranunculus, roses, and peonies in different peach shades.

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Bright Ranunculus and Peony Bouquet

Loose, Romantic Pink Bouquet with Touches of Orange and Blue
Maggie Conley Photography

Hana Floral Design chose peonies, sweet pea, fritillaria, hybrid delphinium, muscari, ranunculus, and French tulips for this colorful bouquet.

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Classic Ranunculus and Rose Bouquet

Classic Bouquet with White Ranunculus
Rachel Red Photography

Kickstand Events arranged this classic pink-and-white bouquet, which included roses, ranunculus, stock, and dusty miller.

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Jewel-Toned Ranunculus Bouquet

Collin Hughes

Munster Rose created this bouquet of ranunculus, garden roses, Sahara roses, dahlias, astrantia, and clematis.

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Ranunculus Bridesmaids' Bouquet

Thayer Allyson Gowdy

Moon Canyon Design designed the bridesmaids' bouquets for blogger Jamie Chung's bridal party, made up of of ranunculus, dahlias, garden roses, amaryllis, cactus, and mixed foliage. The muted tones of the clutches complemented the bridesmaids' pale blue, cream, and gray custom dresses. Jamie carried a similar, larger version of her 'maids' bouquets.

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All-Pink Ranunculus Bouquet

Cadence & Eli

Event planner and designer Gretchen Culver of Rocket Science Weddings & Events put together this all-pink bouquet with garden roses, standard roses, spray roses, ranunculus, and sweet peas.

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Wintery Ranunculus Bouquet

Hannah Hudson Photography

The clutch Poppy Lane Design made for this Christmas-themed wedding included David Austin garden roses, smilax, ranunculus, festival bush, tulips, poppies, astilbe, peonies, and amaryllis.

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White Ranunculus Bouquet


This classic bouquet is made up of white ranunculus in various states of bloom.

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Peach-Hued Ranunculus Bouquet

Polly Alexandre Photography

La Rosa Canina created the bride's bouquet of roses, peonies, ranunculus, and olive branches.

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Lush Ranunculus Bouquet

Laura Murray Photography

Violet Floral Design arranged this bride's ranunculus, dahlias, roses, poppies, thistle, delphinium, and seeded eucalyptus bouquet, and tied it all together with a long double-faced satin and raw silk riboon.

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Burgundy Ranunculus Bouquet

Leila Brewster Photography

Ingrid from Tin Can Studios designed this burgundy clutch, featuring ranunculus, scabiosa, and dahlias.

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Orange Ranunculus Bouquet

Keira Lemonis Photography

Being friends with your florist definitely has its perks! Rachael Weiner of Stripes & Florals brought the bride, her close friend, with her to the flower market to pick out the blooms for her bridal bouquet: orange ranunculus (the bride's favorite), seeded eucalyptus, astrantia, and sprigs of sage as a nod to the bride's culinary background. ​

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Fall Ranunculus Bouquet

Maria Lamb Photography

Forest and Field created this fall bouquet of ranunculus, dahlias, garden roses, amaranthus, yarrow, and nandina. ​

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"Hand-Picked" Ranunculus Bouquet

Sara Hasstedt

To create the look of a bouquet of wildflowers freshly picked from a nearby meadow, Carolyn's Flowers used ranunculus, clematis, scabiosa, yarrow, lysimachia, seeded eucalyptus, and sword fern for an organic feel. ​

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Pastel Ranunculus Bouquet

Olivia Leigh Photographie

The bride at this Chicago wedding held a clutch of garden roses, spray roses, dahlias, seeded eucalyptus, ranunculus, and tweedia, from Life in Bloom.

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Shades of Pink Ranunculus Bouquet

The Nichols

This bride's lavender, lilac, sweet peas, clematis, and ranunculus bouquet from the Nouveau Romantics boasted shades of pink and purple.

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Natural Ranunculus Bouquet

Brushfire Photography

Sarah's Wedding Garden put together this lovely bouquet of bougainvillea, garden roses, anemones, ranunculus, and peonies. "I loved how our raw ribbon and wild flowers blew in the wind," said the bride.

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King Protea and Ranunculus Bouquet

Gina Meola Photography

We love how the coral charm peonies, ranunculus, astilbe, and tulips cushion the gorgeous king protea in the middle of this bouquet from Arrangements Design.

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Cascading Ranunculus Bouquet

Jillian Zamora Photography

This cascading bouquet designed by Southern Table featured ranunculus as well as peonies, poppies, fritillaria, garden roses, sweet peas, and anemones.

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Lush, Jewel-Toned Ranunculus Bouquet

Mi Belle Photographers

Brown Paper Design created this jewel-toned ranunculus bouquet, also featuring peonies, anemones, jasmine vine, scabiosa, and lavender sprigs for a lush effect.

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White-Ribboned Ranunculus Bouquet

Erich McVey

Mandy Busby designed this pretty bouquet of ranunculus, roses, dusty miller, and veronica.

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Vivid Ranunculus Bouquet

Rylee Hitchner

This bridal bouquet from Jaclyn Journey featured peonies, ranunculus, poppies, garden roses, and mock-orange. Bay leaves and jasmine vines filled out the rest of the arrangement.

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Pink, Orange, and Green Ranunculus Bouquet

Gideon Photo

This bride carried a mixed clutch of roses, ranunculus, hellebores, and andromeda by Twigg Botanicals.

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Lemon-Hued Ranunculus Bouquet

Bryan Gardner

As a nod to her lemon-themed color palette, this bride carried a bouquet of yellow and white ranunculus, garden roses, sweet pea, hyacinth, and ivy.

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Classic Ranunculus Bouquet

Jose Villa

This bride carried an all-white clutch from Mindy Rice, featuring ranunculus, peonies, freesia, and maidenhair fern. A swatch from the groom's grandmother's wedding veil, which she gave out to all of her grandchildren and their brides, was tucked inside the bouquet as a sentimental keepsake.

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Whimsical Ranunculus Bouquet

Glen Allsop / Christian Oth Studio

This vibrant bouquet, designed by Poppies and Posies, featured peach ranunculus, white garden roses, coral charm peonies, violet cosmos, white andromeda, maidenhair fern, and white clematis—tied together with dusty-rose raw silk ribbon for a whimsical touch.

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Lush, Yellow Ranunculus Bouquet

fall wedding bouquet
Barb Simkova for Tara McMullen P

Cool Green and Shady created this cheery bouquet using a mix of yellow ranunculus, white garden roses, dusty miller, white snowberries, yellow oncidium and mokara orchids, cream lisianthus, seeded eucalyptus, and white wax flowers.

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Overgrown Ranunculus Bouquet

Tec Petaja

Saipua designed this lush bouquet of ranunculus, forget-me-nots, peonies, passion vines, bleeding hearts, and delphinium.

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