And the wedding was unlike anything we've ever seen.
Deadmau5 Wedding Photo with Wife
Credit: Deadmau5 via Instagram

No one can resist the sound of wedding bells, not even Deadmau5, the popular music producer and DJ otherwise known as Joel Thomas Zimmerman. The Canadian-born musician married his longtime girlfriend, Kelly "Grill" Fedoni, on Saturday after first announcing their engagement in January 2016.

Zimmerman made sure to document the entire celebration on social media, starting out with a tweet that read, "k brb getting married." He later posted multiple photos of a pyrotechnics show run-through in what appears to be the couple's backyard and a shot of his groomsmen before the ceremony. The DJ even shared a picture of his bride-to-be in the makeup chair, proving that the couple bucked tradition by seeing each other on the morning of the wedding.

While there are few photos circulating from the actual wedding, the groom gave fans a sneak peek of the reception in the background of the first photo with his new wife, seen above. In the photo, Fedoni shows off her figure-hugging mermaid wedding dress complete with a sweetheart neckline and illusion sleeve and Zimmerman rocks a more casual, untucked white shirt and classic black tie. The reception itself seems to be glowing with lots of amber candlelight on each long table and hanging lightbulb chandeliers.

As for the one element of décor we're dying to hear more about? That incredible overhead installation, which appears to be made from layers of folded tulle. While we're not sure what the actual inspiration was, the look feels reminiscent of a cloudy night sky studded with starlight. Who knew Deadmau5 was such a romantic?


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