Amazing Fireworks and Sparklers from Real Weddings

bride groom fireworks
Photo: Kristen Kilpatrick

Let sparks fly or end things with a bang. These bright and dazzling ideas offer inspiration for both.

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bride groom fireworks
Kristen Kilpatrick

If you're looking for a brilliant way to dazzle your guests on the big day, turn to two of your childhood favorites: fireworks and sparklers. The celebratory items are bound to excite and impress all those in attendance. We've provided all the proof you need in the form of inspiration photos. These firework and sparkler ideas amazed at real weddings, meaning they're sure to wow at yours, too.

Fireworks and sparklers are great for weddings with special dates, like Fourth of July or New Year's (Eve) celebrations. Pyrotechnics aren't just for patriotic and holiday-themed events, however. Really, you can incorporate them into any kind of outdoor party, as long as your venue authorizes their use.

If you're hoping to include fireworks, sparklers, or both in your wedding, you've got plenty of choices. A popular option is to feature them in the reception send-off—just picture how incredible your exit would look with the right illumination! That's far from the only possibility, though. We've seen fireworks and sparklers involved in first dances, cake cuttings, and a whole lot more. Of course, your display doesn't have to coordinate with a wedding tradition, like the moments mentioned above. You can simply provide fireworks or sparklers as entertainment all on their own. Take this couple, who ended their reception with a show to a remix of Katy Perry's—you guessed it—"Firework."

Ahead, see how fireworks and sparklers shined at real celebrations. With this inspiration, you'll be on your way to beautifully (and creatively) lighting up your wedding day.

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Gorgeous Getaway

wedding fireworks sparkler gorgeous getaway
Jennifer Lindberg Weddings

You can tell how proud this couple was of their dramatic and dazzling exit—as they should be!

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Right in Line

couple watching fireworks
Michael Radford

These two couldn't have been more perfectly placed as they posed beneath fireworks. The Veteran's Day display wasn't planned for their wedding—it came from a neighboring lawn.

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When Sparks Fly

couple watching fireworks
Linda Lauva

Sparklers aren't just for guests. This couple held sticks of their own for an intimate portrait.

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Carried Away

couple watching fireworks
Awesomesauce Photography

How sweet was this couple's sparkler-lit exit, in which the groom carried his bride away?

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Sparkler Silhouettes

couple watching fireworks

Wow. We're obsessed with how this wedding photo-op turned out. Gather your guests for an original group shot, or pose with your partner to recreate this look.

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Dazzling Reflection

wedding fireworks sparkler dazzling reflection
Stepan Vrzala

Sparklers (like these Tirtha Bridal ones) always look lovely beside a body of water.

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Sparklers and Songs

couple watching fireworks
Karlisch Studio

This couple shared the most picturesque kiss as their band played and their winter wedding guests held sparklers.

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The Perfect View

couple watching fireworks
Angela Cox

This bride and groom hopped in the bed of a truck to view their fireworks display by ViViD.

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Daytime Dance

couple watching fireworks
Brittany Jean Photography

This couple proved that the sun doesn't have to set before you bring out the sparklers. Wedding Day Sparklers provided these dazzling sticks.

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Smokey Backdrop

couple watching fireworks
Ether and Smith

The smoke from their Pirotecnica Soldi fireworks gave this couple a cool backdrop as they cut into their wedding cake.

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Canopy of Lights

couple watching fireworks
Lara Hotz Photography

Celebrant-held sparklers supplemented the lights strung above this bride and groom's dance floor.

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Tropical View

fireworks palm trees
Joel Serrato

This bride and groom gave their attendees a surprise J&M Displays show, which could be viewed through the venue's palm trees. "One of our favorite parts of the wedding was seeing everyone's reactions," the bride shared.

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Double Trouble

dani jackson wedding fireworks and sparklers
Erich McVey

These two treated guests to both sparklers and fireworks.

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Late-Night Lights

lindsay evan wedding sparklers and kiss
Lauren Jonas

This couple brought their sparklers out at 1 a.m., which is when they finally left their New Year's Eve (to New Year's Day) reception.

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Patriotic Party

patriotic party fireworks
Kate Headley

"I don't think we've ever been so close to a fireworks display," the new bride at this wedding recalled. "While we knew they would be 'professional level' fireworks, we weren't expecting them to be so spectacular. I'll never forget sitting with my new husband, parents, and closest friends watching those."

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Fiery Kiss

couple watching fireworks
Tonhya Kae Photography

This pair stopped for a pose—and a kiss—with some sparklers.

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Flashy Seats

couple watching fireworks
Liz Banfield

Guests were seated on a hill to watch these fireworks in action.

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Bright Horizons

kalen boyd wedding sparklers
Carrie Patterson

This enchanting exit made for a dreamy photo-op.

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You Light Me Up

couple watching fireworks
Katie Stoops Photography

This bride and groom stood lovingly close together as they soaked in the sparkle from their end-of-the-night fireworks.

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Celebratory Cheers

couple watching fireworks
Ulysses Photography

This happy pair saluted their sky of fireworks—and their newly-official marriage.

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Having a Blast

couple watching fireworks
James & Schulze

How gorgeous was this firework display above the reception venue?

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Festive Farewell

couple watching fireworks
Rachel Havel Photography

This couple was all smiles as they strode through their guests' sparkler path.

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Famous Flash

couple watching fireworks
J. Anne Photography

Kris Bryant of the Chicago Cubs danced to "Home" by Blue October toward his wedding day's end. "We couldn't decide between two songs," shared his bride, "so we decided to do a last dance [as well as a first]. We loved that we could go outside and be under the lights and the sparklers, with all our guests there to send us off."

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Electric Exit

couple watching fireworks
Kate Headley

This bride and groom gave their farewells while lit by a crowd of sparker-holders.

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Spark of Pride

Deb & Meryl's wedding sparklers
Redfield Photography

This sweet couple soaked up the attention while exiting through their wedding's sparkler path.

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Barn Blast

stephanie jared wedding sparklers
Mirelle Carmichael Photography

String lights complemented the sparklers beautifully at this couple's barn-front affair.

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Indoor Sparkle

rachel elijah wedding sparklers
John Dolan

This lucky couple was allowed to shine inside of their wedding venue.

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Light-Up Wedding Cake

couple watching fireworks
Kati Mallory Photo & Design

How's that for a cool confection? This couple shared a smooch in front of their dazzling dessert.

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Wild Walkway

couple watching fireworks
Katherine O’Brien Photography

How could this couple not be excited with an exit this celebratory?

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Out With a Spark

Aaron Delesie

This couple snuggled up to watch a show-stopping fireworks display at evening's end.

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Fireworks by Chance

Readyluck Photography

These newlyweds had purchased fireworks for the end of the night but accidentally forgot to bring them. Luckily, the groom's friends had the same idea, and they lit up the sky using their stash.

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Family Treat

John Dolan

This groom's family surprised the couple with a fireworks display at their reception's end.

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Well-Lit Path

Nancy Ray Photography

This couple departed through a path of guests holding festive sparklers at the end of the evening.

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California Love

Tanja Lippert Photography

This California wedding concluded with a sparkler circle and a final kiss under the glow of the full moon.

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Dazzling Dance

couple watching fireworks
Erin Kunkel

After dinner, revelers gathered around the dance floor for this couple's sparkler-lit first dance.

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Sparkler-Lit Dance

couple watching fireworks
Jen Huang

In between cocktails and dinner, these guests held sparklers as the couple danced.

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Poolside Show

couple watching fireworks
Erin Hearts Court

At the end of this Bali wedding, the couple enjoyed a fireworks display from a platform in the middle of an infinity pool.

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Late-Night Treat

couple watching fireworks
Julia Russell

One of the first things this bride allotted room for in the wedding budget was one of the evening's most memorable details: a fireworks show.

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The Big Bang

couple watching fireworks
Nirav Patel

These newlyweds concluded the evening with an amazing fireworks display at their New Year's Eve wedding.

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Sweet Sendoff

Nancy Ray Photography

"It was awesome walking out of the reception to a long line of friends sending us off," said this bride of her sparkler-flanked exit.

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All Lit Up

Rachel Thurston

This couple was all smiles during their magical, sparkler-filled sendoff.

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Sparkling Moment

couple watching fireworks
Corbin Gurkin

Guests waved sparklers as this couple cut their wedding cake.

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Holiday Homage

Kate Headley

Though the bride originally wanted the wedding to coincide with the Fourth of July (her favorite holiday), she realized that it just wasn't feasible with the timing. "If we couldn't have fireworks, a sparkler send-off seemed like the next best thing!" she said. "It was such a high-energy ending to a special day."

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Firework Finale

Polly Alexandre Photography

As a grand finale to their French wedding, blogger Jenny Bernheim and her groom, Freddie, watched white and gold fireworks explode as "La Vie en Rose," by Édith Piaf, played in the background.

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Standing Sparklers

KT Merry

This bride and groom entered their reception tent through a blazing aisle of sparklers shooting up from the ground.

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Sparkling Goodbye

Landon Jacob

The sparkler send-off added the final romantic touch to the overall atmosphere at this rustic wedding.

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Bright Skies

couple watching fireworks
Elisabeth Millay

Together with their guests, these two watched fireworks explode over the ocean—a great way to end their reception and start the after-party that continued well into the wee hours of the night.

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Austrian Fireworks

couple watching fireworks
Claire Morgan

For their destination wedding in Vienna, Austria, this couple concluded their big day with a firework show, choreographed to music, over their venue's palace gardens.

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Glowing Path

Emily Wren Photography

"We wanted a memorable way to end the evening, and we've always found sparklers mesmerizing," said this bride. "There was no music necessary—everyone just cheered, and it was all we needed."

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