The U.S. Supreme Court Justice oversaw the vows of two family friends, who did whatever it took to make sure she'd be able to perform them.

By Sarah Schreiber
September 10, 2019
ruth bader ginsburg officiated wedding
Credit: Getty

Ruth Bader Ginsburg just used her status as U.S. Supreme Court Justice to officiate a wedding. The lucky couple? Two dear family friends: La Jolla Music Society President Ted DeDee and his fiancée Pamela Hinchman, a Northwestern University music professor. Both DeDee and Hinchman are close to Ginsburg's son and his wife, Patrice Michaels, and—according to The San Diego Union-Tribunechose their wedding date based on the lauded justice's busy travel plans.

Ginsburg was scheduled to be in Chicago on September 8, so she asked the local duo if they'd be able to make the Sunday date work; they readily agreed. Ginsburg wasn't the only member of her family to participate in the nuptials. The justice's daughter-in-law, Michaels (an opera singer and voice instructor, like the bride!), sang a Bach wedding aria during the service.

As for Ginsburg's role? She oversaw DeDee and Hinchman's vows and, "by the power vested in [her] by the Constitution," pronounced the pair husband and wife. After the crowd's applause, the bride leaned over into Ginsburg's body mic, adding, "This one will not be appealed."

Shortly before Ginsburg officiated this couple's nuptials, she gave a piece of surefire relationship advice to another pair preparing to tie the knot: Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez. According to Ginsburg, Lopez gave her a call, asking for her best piece of marriage advice, reports People. She told Lopez what her mother-in-law once shared with her, ahead of her own ceremony to Martin Ginsburg over 50 years ago. "On the day I was married, my mother-in-law—I was married at her home—she took me aside and said she wanted to tell me what was the secret of a happy marriage," Ginsburg recalled. "And I said, 'I'd be glad to hear it. What is it?' And she responded: 'It helps, sometimes, to be a little deaf.'"


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