Don't worry, the actress is "very happy."
Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons
Credit: Dave M. Benett/VF17/WireImage

Kirsten Dunst and fiancé Jesse Plemons are definitely engaged, but that doesn't mean they're in any hurry to make their way down the aisle. And despite the fact that the real-life couple has already played spouses on television, they want to take their time turning those roles into reality!

Still, The Beguiled actress isn't shy about sharing exactly how content she is in her relationship. While she's admitted that she wants to keep her wedding day very intimate, and that she and Plemons have a general wedding timeline in mind, she's also been up front about the couple's relationship status and even said she is "very happy" with her former Fargo co-star, according to People. But that doesn't mean they have to tie the knot, stat. Instead, Dunst said she's "not in any rush" to plan the big day.

"I'm very relaxed when it comes to those kinds of things," Dunst said. "I'm going to get married at some point!" Can we just say we love the actress's laid-back approach to her nuptials? It sounds like she's managing to avoid wedding planning stress completely.

She also opened up about what it's like to be in a relationship with another actor, saying that the best part is the time off. "With our job you can work three months intensely, and then you have a lot of time to do whatever you want to do," she explained, and added that as far as being engaged goes, "If you find the right person, it's amazing."


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