He is Thinkin' Out Loud.
Credit: Santiago Felipe/Getty Images

There's no ring-yet. But despite the lack of hardware, Ed Sheeran, mastermind behind popular wedding songs like "Thinkin' Out Loud," may be hearing his music at his own nuptials sometime in the near future. Sheeran, who's been promoting his new album Divide, opened up about girlfriend Cherry Seaborn in an interview with Australian radio station KIISFM's Kyle and Jackie O Show.

In the interview, Sheeran shares that he and Seaborn grew up and went to school together. "She lives three or four miles away from me where I grew up," he explained. Could Sheeran's newest song and music video for "Castle on the Hill" allude to their relationship as youngens? Sheeran is known for writing very personal music!

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"We live together now, we just got cats," he continued. When asked about a possible engagement, Sheeran said, "I'm pretty…yeah I feel pretty good about it." Picture the wedding songwriter extraordinaire having his own big day-we're prematurely swooning! Sheeran even mentioned starting a family with Seaborn. "Yeah, potentially. I would like some kids."

Sheeran and Seaborn have been dating for more than a year, and celebrated their one-year anniversary in July with Sheeran's BFF Taylor Swift. In true Swift fashion, she threw a huge party to celebrate their anniversary, along with her friend Abigail's engagement. In the photo she shared on Instagram, Sheeran and Seaborn are canoodling in the background looking very much in love. It seems like it's only a matter of time until Sheeran pops the question. We hope to see a ring in the near future!


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