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One of the best tools for communicating with your wedding guests is via a wedding website. This is a great outlet for supplying guests with info on lodging, transportation, your wedding registry, and a schedule of events for the weekend. The trouble is, most people seem to forget about the wedding website and instead end up coming to you with all their questions. In an effort to avoid this pattern, we've come up with a few clever ways to guide people to the website.

Put the info on broadcast

The biggest reason guests don't go to the wedding website is because they forget about it. Be sure to include the URL in your save-the-dates and on an informational insert with the invitation. Additional gentle reminders can come in the form of social media references to the site, or telling friends and family about it in conversation. Make sure there's a reason you're bringing it up, like telling them you uploaded your engagement photos to the site, that way they can enjoy browsing the photos and find the information they need, too.

Include a large photo section

Everyone loves photos! Adding a section to the site that has pictures of the two of you is a great way to encourage guests to visit the site. If you're fortunate enough to have photos of your parents' or grandparents' weddings, honeymoons, or anniversaries, you might consider uploading some of those pictures too. Part of the fun of celebrating a marriage is seeing the two families come together, and giving guests a little insight into the background of each family is fun and interactive-something they'll want to visit the website to see.

Add a guest bios page

This could be time consuming depending on the number of guests you're inviting to your wedding, but really fun if you're up for it. The idea is to give a little background info-really just one to two sentences-on each guest you've invited to the wedding. This is an interactive way to call people to the site, as everyone will want to know what you wrote about them! You can also do this to introduce the wedding party, which may be more of a time saver.

Include local recommendations

If you happen to be hosting your wedding in an area with lots of activities, restaurants, or sights to see, it's a great idea to list a few personal recommendations on your website. This is especially helpful, of course, if you're having a destination wedding, but if you're getting married locally, you undoubtedly have a few guests traveling to attend the occasion, and it's good to get them looking at the wedding website, too.

Include a crowdsourcing element

Some invitations include a call to action, anything from asking guests to send in marital advice or to send in photos of themselves as kids. This is an awesome way to end up with some cool installation at the wedding-the advice could be added to the ceremony programs or the kid photos could serve as escort cards at the wedding. Using the website as a place for that info to be submitted or added encourages guests to sign on and interact accordingly. Bottom line is to make it fun and interactive!

Thoughtful Ways to Include Your Wedding Guests


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