For this hairstyle, Cozy Friedman of Cozy's Cuts for Kids in New York City split a high ponytail into two sections and twisted them together. The result? A super-simple look the little one will love for the big day.
Credit: Bryan Gardner


  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Blow-dryer
  • Hair elastic
  • Bobby pins
  • Accessory (optional)


1. Start by washing and blow-drying the hair either the day before or the day of the wedding.

2. When the hair is dry, loosely pull it back into a ponytail and secure it with a hair elastic. Place the base of the ponytail where you want the bun to sit-high, low, or in the middle of the head.


3. Split the ponytail into two sections. Take the section on the right and twist the hair counter-clockwise while bringing that twisted section underneath the left section. Then twist the left section. Continue to twist the two together and switch twisting each section back and forth until the whole ponytail is twisted together.


4. Take the completely twisted ponytail and wrap it around the hair elastic at its base until the bun is completed. Add bobby pins to secure it.

5. For an accent, add a flower or other accessory once the look is completed.


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