Appeal to tweens' social side by setting out Mad Libs-style cards they can fill in together with monogrammed pencils. That is, if they can keep themselves away from their magic 3-D drawing pads -- complete with glasses -- and mind-boggling chain-link puzzles.

Tools and Supplies

  • 11-by-17-inch white or cream card stock
  • Craft knife
  • Metal ruler
  • Cutting surface
  • Scissors
  • Striped baker's twine ($8 for 1/2-pound roll,
  • )
  • Pencils (such as personalized pencils from For Teachers Only, $1 for 3,
  • )

Story Cards How-To

  1. Open our PDF file.
  2. Replace the placeholder text with the bride's and groom's names, and print the file. Each sheet of card stock will give you one set of story cards. (If your home printer will not handle large sheets, store the file on a flash drive or a CD, and take it to an office-services shop.)
  3. Use the craft knife and metal ruler to cut between the crop marks and along the red border so you have three cards of equal size.
  4. Tie the stack together with striped baker's twine.


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