Bachelorette Party Alternatives That Have Nothing to Do with Las Vegas

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Let's be honest: Those epic, over-the-top bachelorette parties we're so used to seeing in our favorite wedding movies often don't resonate with real-life brides. While there's nothing wrong with wanting that "quintessential" pre-wedding party (you're saying goodbye to single life, after all!), there's also nothing wrong with preferring a different (otherwise known as less booze-centric) type of event—one that might not play into that bachelorette party trope at all. If you fall into this camp, you've come to the correct place. Ahead, you'll discover a long list of bachelorette party alternatives (none of which involve that trip to Las Vegas your maid of honor wants to orchestrate).

We kept all brides' personality types in mind when curating this list: foodies, yogis, wine connoisseurs, and more. From short day trips to local vineyards and breweries to grown-up sleepovers and self-care retreats, there's a bachelorette party option ahead for just about any bride-to-be. For beach-loving women currently planning oceanside weddings, we threw in a movie night in the sand; for the bride who can't wait to entertain in her new home, we included a charcuterie board arranging session (it's a thing!). As you're about to discover, you can transform so many of your favorite things into a bachelorette party-worthy excursion—you just have to be a little creative.

While art lovers might want to consider a group painting glass (complete with your favorite rosé, of course!) or a crafting party (make something you and your bridesmaids will wear on the wedding day, like flower crowns), travel enthusiasts should bookmark the following destination options—rent an upscale Airbnb in your nearest city or splurge on plane tickets and explore a picturesque place you and your friends have always wanted to visit. However you decide to make your bachelorette party your own, know that this celebration—like all of the rest leading up to your big day—should be a reflection of who you are (not of what you think a bride should be!).

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Visit a Local Vineyard

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Can't make it to Napa? No worries—there are likely a slew of vineyards a short distance from your home base. Take a day trip to one of your favorite spots instead of splurging on airfare and be prepared to feel transported to wine country after a glass or two.

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Practice Your Charcuterie Skills

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If you're on Instagram, you know the power of a perfectly-curated charcuterie board. Meats, cheeses, fruits, nuts—all displayed to perfection (and perfect for your grid). Practice mastering the art of charcuterie arrangement during your at-home bachelorette party—ask that bridesmaid who seems to get it right every time to lead the way for the rest of the bridal party. Once you're done? Dig in, of course!

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Host a Brunch

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Who says a bachelorette party has to take place at night, while out on the town? Host a daytime event, instead, and serve your all-time favorite meal: brunch. Fluffy waffles and pancakes, avocado toast, hash browns, and all.

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Make Your Own Perfume

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Whether you enlist the maid of honor to research the process of at-home perfume making or enlist a professional to teach you the ropes, spending an afternoon mixing and matching your own scents is a guaranteed good time—especially if you're already a fragrance lover. Bonus points if you spritz on your creation come the wedding day.

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Create Your Own Spa Experience

DIY Spa with friends
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…DIY face masks, included. Preface this self-care session with a yoga class at a local boutique—or ask your favorite instructor to come to your house for a backyard lesson.

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Take a Flower Arranging Class

Gardening Bridal Shower
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A flower arranging class is the perfect precursor to a wedding—an event with a ton of floral décor. Your 'maids will appreciate the lesson (especially if it comes with a few bottles of rosé!), too, since they'll be able to use their new skills at home.

Pro tip: This is an especially salient party choice if you and your bridal party plan on assembling the centerpieces or bouquets on the big day.

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Paint and Pour

Paint Party Bridal Shower
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The best bachelorette parties come with keepsakes—so why not plan a party predicated on making something you (and your best friends!) will love? A guided painting class is bachelorette favorite, especially since most of these sessions involve some wine.

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The Mani-Pedi Classic

Mani-Pedi spa date
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Though you can host your bachelorette party long before the actual wedding weekend, brides who want a traditional experience (as in, the night before the wedding!) should bookmark group mani-pedis. The reason? A pre-wedding trip to the salon virtually guarantees that everyone's nails will be ready to go the next day—plus, it's fun!

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Check Into a Local Hotel

Pool Party Bridal Shower
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A local hotel trip doesn't have to be an overnight excursion—call ahead and inquire about day rates (plenty of city hoteliers, especially those with pools, offer daily rates that allow you to enjoy the space's amenities while the sun's up). Book a few rooms and make a splash on the rooftop—just be sure to bring your own Instagram-worthy floats.

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Book an Upscale Airbnb

AirBnB Bachelorette Party Rental
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Looking for a bachelorette celebration idea that will accommodate your massive bridal party? Consider booking an upscale Airbnb (think a local mansion!)—which will definitely be able to house you and your 20 bridesmaids. Even better? More 'maids means a smaller cost per person.

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Go Glamping

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So the bare-bones cabin-in-the-woods thing isn't for you (we hear that!). This doesn't mean that you can't enjoy nature during your bachelorette party—you just want a few modern amenities on the side. For the best of both worlds, find a lodge that has it all; or consider renting a decked-out airstream for your road trip upstate.

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Throw a Grown-Up Slumber Party

Grown-Up Slumber Party
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Bachelorettes on a budget, this low-cost (but maximum fun) option is for you: Host an at-home slumber party. Since your main costs will be booze and food, you'll be able to open your celebration up to women outside of the direct bridal party.

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Explore a New City

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You and your best friends have been planning that trip to Charleston for three years—so use your bachelorette party as an excuse to finally do it. Splurge tickets to the place on top of your must-see list and enjoy exploring a brand-new place with the women you love most.

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Go Brewery Hopping

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If you prefer beer over wine, explore some of the craft breweries near you—just be sure to rent a car service (or party bus!) for the day to make sure everyone can enjoy their IPAs responsibly.

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Take a Cake Decorating Class

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Whether you enlist an expert baker to walk you through making and decorating a picture-perfect confection or choose to bake a few sheet cakes and go to town (the crazier the adornments, the better!), an afternoon designing (and then eating) cake is one well spent.

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Go Apple Picking

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If you're planning an autumn bachelorette party, consider taking a trip to your local orchard—it's a fun way to tie your event into the season. Throwing a summertime celebration? Go berry picking, instead!

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Throw a Tropical-Themed Dinner Party

Tropical-Themed Dinner Party
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If you and your 'maids can't splurge on a destination bachelorette party, bring the destination to you—throw a tropical-themed dinner party with all of a beach locales greatest hits: bright décor, warm-weather foliage, and a seafood-centric menu

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Movie Night on the Beach

Movie Night on the Beach
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Though quite a bit of planning goes into executing a movie night on the beach—you'll need to make sure you have the proper permits to stay on the sand after hours, for example!—this option is arguably the most fun on this list. What's better than curling up with your best friends to watch your favorite rom-com under the stars, with the sounds of the crashing waves in the background?

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