You know she'll do anything for you, but there should be a limit to what you ask of your mom.

By Nancy Mattia
February 05, 2018
Credit: Tom Merton

Your mom is probably the type of parent who wants your wedding to be the one you've always envisioned, and she'll move heaven and earth (or at least give it a good nudge) to make that happen. How do some brides show their gratitude? By giving Mom the most thankless jobs before, during, and after the wedding day. Don't be that bride! Here's a list of jobs that you should give to anyone but your mom.

Day-Of Coordinator

This is an intense, stressful job. Many things can go wrong (and do) on your wedding day. Even if Mom is the calm, problem-solving type, she should get to enjoy your wedding and not be the one who has to figure out what to do when a bridesmaid spills soda all over her dress before photos are taken.

Airport Pickup Driver

While she doesn't mind picking up a few relatives from the airport, she shouldn't be the Uber for your sorority sisters, the groom's family, and all your friends flying in from Sweden. Instead of asking your mother to run the airport shuttle, recruit one of the groomsmen for the job.

Cake Cutter

One word: messy. Your om looks so pretty all dressed up in her gown and jewels. Don't ask her to cut the wedding cake, which is an entity unto itself, with multiple tiers, fake layers, and dowels that need to be removed. It's worth it to pay a pro to do it instead.

Reception Cleanup Attendant

Just because your mom cleans off the dinner table every night doesn't mean she wants to do it at your reception. In fact, no one who's in attendance at the reception (guests, the bridal party) should be part of the cleanup crew. Cut something from the budget, like favors, and hire someone to deal with cleaning up the mess.

Bathroom Attendant

When you need to use the restroom, who should you call? Not Mom. This is a job that's better left to your maid of honor and a bridesmaid.

Security Guard

Everyone in your family knows Uncle Bob and Aunt Sue can't be in the same room for more than an hour without a fight breaking out. They shouldn't be Mom's responsibility-she should be focused on having a good time, not whether a screaming match is happening at table 12. Ask another family member or your wedding planner to keep an eye out for potential troublemakers.


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