The singer has a big surprise in the works.

By Hannah Nowack
November 08, 2019

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra, who are approaching one year of marriage, have a lot to celebrate. Following their multi-day wedding in December 2018, the newlyweds had an action-packed year; Jonas went on tour and Chopra returned to the big screen in The Sky is Pink. As they get closer to this major milestone, Nick Jonas opened up about their relationship and why he can't wait to celebrate with his wife.

"We will be taking a few days away from the tour to have some time," Nick revealed during an interview with Entertainment Tonight. "Well, I don't wanna say what we're doing to celebrate because it's a surprise for her, and she might be watching. And if she is, then I wouldn't want the surprise to be spoiled," Nick teased.

While the singer was tightlipped about his plans to surprise Chopra for their anniversary, he was more forthcoming when it came to reminiscing on his first year of matrimony. "It's been a crazy year. It's flown by, it's hard to believe it," he continued. "This year's been, for she and I both, probably the craziest of our lives, but kind of nice to have that centering grounding feeling with each other." He went on to share with the outlet, "I think we settled into our roles as husband and wife fairly quickly. A lot of our friends always said that it seemed like we were supposed to be together, so it feels natural. There are natural adjustments when your life is becoming one together, but it's been a beautiful year...Hopefully next year we have a bit more time to be in the same place, but being busy is not bad either."

Jonas credits good communication as a contributor to the success of his relationship. "The good news is that we both really enjoy talking to each other, which I think is probably pretty important if you married somebody," he shared. "There aren't as many rules for, like, how long we can go and things like that. I think we just—we'd always just do the best we can and understand first and foremost we love what we do and support each other, as well."


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