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La La Land Engagement Photoshoot

If you haven't seen La La Land yet, it's a must. Taking awards season by storm, the critically acclaimed movie has won six Golden Globes and is nominated for 14 Academy Awards-yes, tying Titanic for the most nominations ever. The musical love story of Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling's characters Mia and Sebastian following their dreams in Los Angeles is ultra romantic and cinematically beautiful. Thanks to photographer Marlies Hartmann of M.Hart Photography, one couple brought the magic of La La Land to life in a super sweet way.

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La La Land Engagement Photoshoot

When Ellen Wlekinski and Corey Collins mentioned to Hartmann that they wanted to shoot their engagement photos at Los Angeles' Griffith Observatory, a location used in La La Land, Hartmann immediately envisioned scenes that celebrated the "City of Stars." She pitched the couple her idea of using the film as inspiration, and they loved it. "I was initially hesitant to suggest it to them since I wasn't sure if they had seen or even liked the movie, but I threw out the idea and they loved it!" She told Huffington Post. "They were both huge fans of the film, and Ellen always felt Corey looked like her own personal Ryan Gosling!"

La La Land Engagement Photoshoot

The couple shot at the Griffith Observatory in late January, and two weeks later they posed by the Hollywood Bowl Overlook to capture the stunning starry-night photos. "Ellen and Corey's relationship encapsulates the same romance, passion, playfulness and chemistry that was felt between Mia and Sebastian throughout the film," Hartmann said. "Not only did they resemble the characters physically, but their relationship embodies all the best elements of Gosling and Stone seen in the movie."

La La Land Engagement Photoshoot

Congrats to the couple, who is getting married in September! In the meantime, get ready for the Oscars this weekend-and maybe find some of your own engagement photo or wedding inspiration-by seeing La La Land!

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