Deciding to pop the question was easy in comparison to choosing an engagement ring! Get a glimpse into what guys are thinking as they search for your ring.
Credit: Courtesy of Doyle & Doyle

1. I have A LOT to learn.

The diamond industry is something most men know little about until they start shopping for an engagement ring. Some love the learning process and become semi-experts before they purchase … they want to make sure they get a good deal! Others choose to place their trust in the right contact, so they pour their efforts into finding a "diamond guy" who will help them get the best bling for their buck.

2. What the (insert profanity here)?!

Even though they're warned ahead of time, there's still that moment when guys realize how much they're about to spend on that piece of bling. But, of course, you're worth it!

3. How much should I spend?

This is an important purchase, and guys don't want to be cheap, or have you think they're being cheap. Or have your friends think they're being cheap! They also want this ring, and what it means, to make you really happy, and while expense shouldn't play into that, it's something they will think about.

4. Ah carats, not carrots.

While we all come to this realization at some point, a typical girl might do so before she hits puberty, while guys usually catch up a decade or two later.

5. Which 'c' to spend on?

Yes, size (or the weight of the diamond in carats) matters, but so do color, cut, and clarity. While size might be the first thing people notice in a ring with a central, primary gem, diamond value is affected by all four c's. For a given dollar amount, you can get a larger diamond (carat) if you sacrifice on color and go for a diamond with a barely discernible yellowish tinge, or sacrifice on clarity, and go for a diamond with a barely discernible internal flaw.

6. Is a total surprise worth the risk?

A surprise proposal with a ring selected without your input can be very special … or slightly disappointing. Assuming you're psyched to say "yes," your boyfriend will nonetheless be taking a huge risk if he buys a ring with absolutely no indication from you about what you want. Brave are the men who do.

7. What if she hates it?

Unless you go ring shopping together, or you are explicit about what you want, guys will aim to buy something you love, and hope they're not totally off base. There are so many styles and stones to select from, you may want to toss a few subtle pointers his way if you suspect a proposal is in the works.

8. How do I keep this a secret?

You're used to telling each other everything … especially exciting things. An engagement ring is pretty big news, and some guys keep it under wraps for weeks to get the proposal timing just right.

9. I hope she says yes!

He wants you to be thrilled with the ring, he may want it to be a surprise, but far more importantly, he is pumped about what it represents … marrying you!


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