Since he probably doesn't even know about it.
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Your grandmother's diamond engagement ring has been in your family for three generations. Naturally, some day it will be yours, but it's not going to make its way onto that pretty little finger of yours without a little prodding. In many cases, a boyfriend has no idea about such a family tradition. It can feel awkward to bring it up too soon, but you also don't want to wait until it's too late. So how should you go about letting your boyfriend know that you really, really want him to pop the question with a family heirloom? We spoke to Michele Velazquez of the Heart Bandits, a proposal planning company, to determine the best approaches to broach the subject with your significant other-ranging from least to most direct.

Use Social Media

"The number one tip to get your boyfriend to give you your dream proposal is by using social media," says Velazquez. "I would say 80% of my clients watch their partner's Instagram and Pinterest and a lot of them use this for proposal inspiration." So how does this work for you? When you're sitting on the couch scrolling through your feeds side by side, show him a snap of a recent proposal that also includes a family heirloom of some sort. Next, make a big deal of it. Something along the lines of, "Wow, isn't Katie's ring gorgeous? The diamond is her great grandmothers-that makes it so much more special." You get the idea.

Drop a Hint with Witnesses

If you're having lunch with his side of the family, compliment his grandmother's ring or another piece of jewelry and use it to segue to your own family's stone. If your man doesn't pick up on the subtlety, you can rest assured that there are two generations of women present who absolutely will-and can mention it to him when the time is right.

Just Tell Him

If this is the man you want to spend the rest of your life with, instituting honesty as a best policy starts here and now. "Most of the time, couples have already talked about getting married and both people know a proposal is coming," agrees Velazquez. "If there is something ultra-important to you, just be direct." Done the right way, most men would be thrilled to have a nudge in the right direction when making such an important purchase, and you're ensured to be thrilled with the final product.


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