54 Creative Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Be Excited to Take Home

From edible gifts to thoughtful wall art, guests will use these favors well after your big day has come to an end.

flower cart wedding favors

Evan Rich Photography

Your ceremony went off without a hitch and your reception was a major hit. Now it's time to say farewell to the friends and family who made your big day special. For the ultimate ending to the perfect day, send them off with something to remember the festivities by.

The best rule of thumb? Skip the monogrammed picture frames and opt for favors your guests will actually use. Bottles of hot sauce or glass canisters of sea salt are sure to end up in your loved one's kitchens, serving as a happy reminder of your wedding day. You can also gift a favor that was inspired by your wedding's locale. This is especially perfect if you're throwing a destination wedding—think mini jars of olive oil for a celebration in Santorini or fresh oranges for your Florida nuptials.

No matter how you show your appreciation for your guests, these wedding favor ideas are sure to spark some inspiration. From edible treats to personalized gifts, there's something here for every couple.

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Homemade Cookies

homemade cookie wedding favors
Sally Pinera

Are you a stress baker? Why not turn those delicious treats into wedding favors, like this bride did. For an extra personal touch, the couple attached hand-drawn tags featuring their three pets to these sweet treats.

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wedding cocktail hour poet with typewriter
Laura Murray Photography

Give loved ones the gift of an unforgettable memory. These newlyweds hired Cubs the Poet to freestyle poems for their guests throughout the evening. By the end of the reception, the artist had also created a book complete with the original poems.

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Botanical Prints

wedding seating chart details
Elizabeth Austin Photography

Who doesn't love new wall art? These botanical prints pull double duty—guests can take them home as favors, while the tags serve as seating assignments with names and table numbers.

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Miniature Candles

wedding favors including matches and candles
Rebecca Theresa Photography

Keep your love burning well after your wedding has ended by gifting candles as favors. This couple opted for travel-size candles and matches, which were printed with phrases that aligned with their wedding theme.

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Honey Pots and Dippers

Cassidy Carson Photography

From overnight oats to hot tea, guests will reach for this sweet favor for months to come. Use a dainty ribbon to attach a micro dipper to the miniature honey pot to complete the gift.

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Pressed Flowers

wedding wallflower seating assignments
Corbin Gurkin

Calligraph your guests' names and seating assignment onto framed pressed flowers and voilà—a one-of-a-kind place card and wedding favor two-in-one.

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Chocolate Bars

wedding favors
Jen Wojcik Photography

An illustrated label makes a chocolate bar infinitely more sophisticated. Dark or milk is up to you, but the bars are sure to be a hit for guests with a sweet tooth (so, everyone!).

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Cocktail Kits

jeannette taylor wedding portugal ceremony
Abby Jiu Photography

The best hosts keep the party going long after the night comes to a close. Do just that by sending guests home with ingredients for the perfect Moscow Mules (or another of your favorite drinks).

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Fruit Carton

Jen Huang

Now's the time to put that home garden to use. Gift guests fruits from your backyard or source your favorites from a local farmer.

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Olive Oil

olive oil wedding favors
Michele Beckwith

Bottles of olive oil are the perfect favor for a Greek destination wedding—or a fun way to celebrate your Greek heritage.

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Himalayan Salt

pink salt jars
Emily Wren

Pour Himalayan salt into mason jars for a quick gift that guests can use at home while cooking. Complete the look with a bow for a pretty-in-pink finish.

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Homemade Limoncello

wedding favor mini limoncello
Jasmine Lee Photography

Mini bottles of homemade limoncello, a popular dessert drink, make the perfect post-wedding treat. Make personalized labels that remind guests of your big day.

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see bag wedding favors
Laura Goldenberger Photography

Bags of seeds are generally seen as a symbol of growth and harmony, which makes them a meaningful wedding favor. You can use any flowers you like, but it'll be especially touching to gift a type of bloom that was used throughout your day.

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Snacks to Go

Elyse Hall Photography

A bottle of Coke, fries, and burgers make the ultimate late-night snack—and will help satisfy your guest's post-dancing cravings.

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Rustic Candles

rustic candle jar wedding favor
Marissa Maharaj

For a rustic affair, jarred candles in earthy scents like moss, vetiver, and rose are the perfect final touch.

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camping mugs
Darling Juliet

Throwing a camp-inspired fête? These tin mugs, emblazoned with you and your spouse's names, make cute and on-theme gifts

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Bottle Openers

wedding favors
Rebecca Arthurs

There's a good chance your guests will use bottle openers every week, which means they'll think of your nuptials each time they crack open a cold one.

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Maple Syrup

syrup in bottle wedding favor
Ether and Smith

Take a hint from this couple and serve up maple syrup in (reusable!) decorative flasks.

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Greek Pastries

Mike Cassimatis

Your wedding day really will be the best day ever if you serve up assorted Greek pastries in grab-and-go containers.

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potpourri favors
Ashley Caroline

Set up a potpourri station, where your guests can scoop fragrant herbs into illustrated sacks.

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Temporary Tattoos

temporary tattoos wedding favors
Nyk and Cali

Do you know what makes a great photo booth snapshot? A group of your best friends, all sporting tattoos of you and your love's faces.

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Sleep Masks

jeannette taylor wedding portugal favors
Abby Jiu Photography

There's nothing like the gift of sleep, which makes silky smooth sleep masks (how cool is this houndstooth print?) the ultimate favor.

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Worry Dolls

worry dolls wedding favors
Eden Willow

"Worry dolls" are an important part of the Guatemalan culture, and are often gifted as emblems of peace and love.

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wedding favor floral fans
Vitae Weddings

These colorful, handmade fans keep guests cool during summertime ceremonies and also serve as the perfect photo booth prop.

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flowers glass bottles
Anna Delores Photography

Looking for a quick way to repurpose your wedding flowers? Towards the end of the evening, ask a designated person to break down centerpieces and bouquets and place them into glass bottles. It's a great way to ensure that guests bring home an actual piece of the big day—and guarantees that those pricy blooms won't go to waste.

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macaroon boxes wedding favors
Bia Sampaio

If you're going to gift this trendy treat, there's no better bakery to turn to than the elegant and always-delicious Ladurée. And how beautiful are those boxes?

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sage bundles
Vitae Weddings

Keep the good vibes going by handing out incense bundles to banish the bad.

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For the Kids

wedding favors crayons sunglasses
Vitae Weddings

Keep it simple on the kids table. A pack of crayons, a clipboard of fresh paper, and pair of cute shades are all you need to keep little ones content throughout the event.

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umbrella favors
Sawyer Baird

Protect your guests from sunburn with a dainty parasol, a touch that brings a little bit of vintage to your ceremony.

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Mini Hot Sauce Bottles

hot sauce wedding favors
Greer Gattuso

If you and your spouse-to-be are known to always keep hot sauce on hand, the spicy condiment might be the way to go when it's time to choose favors.

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Jelly Beans

jelly beans light bulb
Adrienne Gunde Photography

Here's a bright idea: Fill a mini lightbulb with your favorite jelly beans. Tie them with name tags if you'd like them to double as place cards.

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flower favors
Emily Millay

Send your guests home with something floral. Place crates of fresh-cut flowers near the door to dress up guest's coffee tables for a week after the wedding.

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small art canvases wedding favors
Ayres Photo

Enlist the help of a creative friend or a local artist to create a myriad of colorful scenes that guests can take home with them after your big day.

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Luxe Candles

mini candle favors
Phosart Photography & Cinematography

Miniature Jo Malone candles are sure to impress all your guests. Of course, any candle you love will work, too.

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Rosemary Oil

rosemary olive oil mini glass bottle
Sotiris Tsakanikas

Corked bottles of rosemary-infused oil make an unexpected favor. On the tag, be sure to include its multiple uses.

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DIY Flower Crowns

flower boxes wedding favors
Annie Watts

Instead of looping greens and blooms around wire, simplify the process by securing vines and roses to headbands.

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Mini Succulents

succulent wedding favors
Megan Wynn Photography

Potted succulents and cacti make perfect takeaways. Pop in staked tags to transform them into live place cards.

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Key Chains

slogan keychain wedding favor
Haley Richter Photography

Your guests will be able to hold your wedding day close to them at all times when you opt for keychains as wedding favors.

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Macaron in Cloche

macaroon cloche place card
Ryan Ray

If our place card was a monogrammed cream macaron served up in a mini cloche, we'd take it home in an instant.

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Cupcake Boxes

favor boxes with greenery
Katie Lopez Photography

We love how this couple boxed up Cloud 9 Bakery's famous pancake and bacon-flavored cupcakes with a fern leaf and "thank you" tag.

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Diet Coke Bottles

custom Coke wedding favors
Jacqui Cole Photography

Everyone knows that Diet Coke tastes better in the glass bottles, but did you know it's even more refreshing with monogrammed labels?

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Bottles of Wine

bottles of wine
Mi Belle Photography

Everyone will ask you about the delicious wine you served at your wedding, so you might as well gift it. Wrap bottles in a material or bag that references your wedding. Fishing net and tassels are the perfect pick for a tropical wedding.

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Colored Pencils

pencil wedding favors
Larissa Cleveland Photography

Charming wooden pencils, packed in a cute mug with your new initial, will delight the adults just as much as the kids.

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Tin Jars

brunch favors
Elizabeth Messina

Perfect for holding snacks, cotton balls, or tea bags, these cute jars are a practical keepsake.

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Sunglasses wedding favors and escort cards
onelove photography

These sleek sunnies work for both men and women, and will protect their eyes during your summer ceremony.

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Throw Blankets

Gray and white blanket wedding favors
Anna Roussos

Another seasonal gift, neutral throw blankets keep your loved ones warm at the wedding then look great on their couches at home.

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Incense Bar

Incense Bar
This Rad Love with The Wedding Coven

Instead of pre-made bundles, set your guests up with incense sticks so they can mix and match scents.

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wedding favor pie pops
Kristen Weaver Photography

Your guests are sweet as pie for celebrating your wedding day with you. Remind them of this with a heart-shaped pie pop in assorted flavors.

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Doggie Bag

doggie bag wedding favors
Molly Lo Photography

We love how this couple took favor "doggie" bags literally, by illustrating them with a drawing of their beloved pup.

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mini tambourines
Ashley Burns

Thatched with lace, mini tambourines make pretty keepsakes and perfect celebratory sound makers.

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Crest Boxes

favor boxes
Cameron & Kelly Studio

Want to keep your guests' favors a surprise? Present their gifts in pretty boxes marked with an illustrated crest and tied with black-and-white ribbon.

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matches mini cloches
Sotiris Tsakanikas

Matches are a wedding favor classic. But wedding matches in adorable mini bottles? Now that's a gift your guests will love displaying in their home.

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Candy Bar

wedding favor candies
Mary Otanez Photography

When it comes to favors, it's all about the presentation. Set up a candy bar on a vintage piece of furniture and add mini arrangements of your wedding's flowers. Feel free to pull out the drawers for more surface space.

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cd favors
Jasmine Lee Photography

Put together a playlist of your wedding's best jams and burn them onto CDs so guests can groove long after they leave the dance floor.

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