She's one step closer to becoming a royal.
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in Edinburgh
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Earlier this week, rumors that Meghan Markle would be converting to Prince Harry's religion began to circulate, and now it seems that the reports were true. According to People, the bride-to-be was baptized into the Church of England on Tuesday evening, with her soon-to-be-husband by her side.

Markle's secret baptism took place in the Royal Chapel at St. James' Palace in London and was performed by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby. In addition to Prince Harry, Markle's future father-in-law, Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, were also in attendance. Immediately after the baptism, Markle was confirmed, which means that she'll now be able to join Prince Harry at Holy Communion.

Markle was brought up as an Episcopalian, and later attended a Catholic high school in Los Angeles. Her baptism, while not absolutely necessary for her to marry the prince, showcases not only her general allegiance to becoming a member of the royal family, but her respect for Harry's grandmother, Queen Elizabeth-adopting the Anglican faith is seen as a great sign of reverence for the Queen, who is regarded as the head of the Church.

Markle isn't the first commoner-turned-royal to adopt her royal fiancée's religion. Kate Middleton was confirmed into the Church of England in 2011, just weeks before her marriage to Prince William. Her baptism also took place at St. James' Palace. This is just another pre-wedding experience that has linked Markle and Middleton together-the two have bonded ever since Markle and Prince Harry announced their engagement last November. At last week's inaugural Royal Forum, Markle called her relationship with Middleton and Prince William "togetherness at its finest."


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