Tools and Materials

20 to 28 "Leaf" or "Arcade" honeycomb-paper garlands

3 3/4-inch-diameter PVC pipes cut to 5 feet in length

2 PVC corner joints

14-inch round-bottom lampshade ring (or 14-inch wreath ring)


Clear packaging tape

5 Command-brand removable self-adhesive hooks

Pop-Up Paper Canopy How-To

1. Connect the three PVC pipes to the corner joints to create a horseshoe shape. Tie monofilament to the four corners of the U pieces. Attach hanging hardware, such as a Command hook, to the ceiling (one above each corner) and attach the monofilament so the PVC frame hangs approximately 6 feet (or more if your groom is taller) above the floor, with the open end of the U facing the audience.

2. String garlands onto the lampshade ring. Close the ring by wrapping the opening with tape.

3. Divide the garlands into four sections and tie monofilament to the ring between each section. Bring the four lines of monofilament to the center of the ring and knot together.

4. Tie another piece of monofilament to the X in the center of the ring. Secure a self-adhesive hook to the ceiling and tie this last piece of monofilament to the hook so it is centered approximately 30 inches above the PVC frame.

5. Drape garland over the PVC frame, grouping or gathering at each corner.


PVC pipe and pieces from Home Depot, "Leaf" honeycomb garlands from, lampshade ring from The Lamp Shop.


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