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Admiring my makeup while my hair sets.

One of the most fun things about the wedding preparation process for me is the hair and makeup! I have been searching for different ideas and have finally narrowed it down to a few, which I have pinned to the Bridal Beauty Diaries Pinterest board. From the start of planning, I decided that I wanted to have my hair and makeup done for me. Since this is a special occasion and I don't know of another time I will have this opportunity I am taking advantage of it!

A back view of my updo.

A matter of fact, I just went in for my hair and makeup trial a few days ago. If you're having your hair and makeup done by someone else, I HIGHLY recommend having a trial. In preparation for the trial, I printed out all of my hair and makeup ideas. It's so helpful in making sure everyone is on the same page. After going through the trial, my hair stylist and makeup artist have agreed to make a few tweaks on the actual wedding day. For example, when it comes to my makeup, I'm going to have the brows and eye shading toned down and will also add false eyelashes. And for the hairstyle, we will go with less volume on top and make the volume on the top and sides symmetrical. Going through the whole process has really helped put my mind at ease since I now know what to expect on the wedding day.

A side view of my updo.

When I first began thinking about what type of hairstyle I wanted, I was leaning toward one where my hair would be worn down. But after reading various blogs about the pros and cons of updos and "down-dos", I changed my mind and am now going to go for the updo instead. For my hair type, I feel like an updo will have more staying power throughout the day and into the night. Narrowing it down further, I was torn between a curly or smooth updo. I have naturally "pin straight" hair, so I am leaning toward a smooth style. Florida can have really humid weather, even in January, so I don't want to take the chance of my hair losing a curl and doing a flop on the big day.

A closer look at my eye makeup.

Finding makeup ideas was more difficult than honing in on a hairstyle; but, I think I have managed to narrow it down. To sum it up, I think I'm going for a "toned down" Adele type of look. I wanted makeup that looks similar to what I normally wear, just better. Ever since the 7th grade, my signature look has been winged eyeliner, so using Adele as inspiration has leant itself well.

Another side shot of the updo.

Now that I've had my hair and makeup trial, and knowing that my teeth are improving every day as I go through Invisalign treatment, I'm not worried about how I will look on the wedding day. I'm confident that my look will be everything I hoped it would be. With my teeth fixed, I know that I'll be able to smile and express myself without hesitation.

To ensure that I stay on track with my Invisalign treatment, I have been trying to be disciplined when it comes to wearing my aligners. The only time I wish I could be more disciplined is during the week after I have been wearing them all day at work. By about 3:00pm to 4:00pm, my mouth starts to become a little sore and I need to take them out for a short break. This past week, I saw Dr. Collins to see how my Invisalign treatment is coming along. He said everything is on track and looking great – wonderful news that put me at ease!

Disclosure: I have received complimentary treatment from Invisalign in exchange for blogging about my bridal journey and treatment, and all opinions expressed are my own.


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