And he's still not over that Cher proposal.
Colton Haynes and Jeff Leatham

Colton Haynes and Jeff Leatham have an adorable engagement story-so adorable, in fact, that we're all still talking about it. The actor recently spoke with People to recap the proposal, and along the way he spilled some details about his upcoming wedding.

"We were watching Steel Magnolias on the big screen on the beach with candles," Haynes recalled, which at the time didn't seem all that weird, since Leatham's naturally a "romantic." "Then Cher popped up and I was like: 'What is Cher doing?'" He explained. "I was so confused. And he couldn't get the ring out of his pocket, so they kept playing it over and over," the happy fiancé admitted. Nevertheless, "it happened and then fireworks went off and it was amazing."

After rehashing the proposal, People took the opportunity to ask about the star's wedding plans. As it turns out, "it's already planned," and "it's going to be insane." Haynes previously noted that he'd be leaving the prep up to Leatham, a celebrity floral designer. "I suck at that stuff, and I do not want to help at all, so he's gonna take care of it," Haynes said of leaving the planning up to Leatham earlier this week. "He's the best. He just finished the biggest wedding of his career three days ago."

It looks like Leatham was on top of his game and delivered on a truly impressive plan! "It's going to be somewhere in California," he said, and happening this year. "Red roses. Only red roses," he added-we'll trust the flower expert! Other than that, the color scheme's black and white, and Haynes hopes that Cher will attend.

Now that we're all hyped up on the plans, we're ready to hear a date!


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