The designer walks us through her latest presentation.

Every fall and spring, New York City's transformed into the ultimate venue for previewing the latest wedding dresses. But there's more to Bridal Fashion Week than meets the eye, which is why we went behind the scenes to get a closer look at the Fall 2018 collections. Along the way, we caught up with designer Monique Lhuillier, and gained some insight into her creative process.

For the ultimate wedding inspiration, we took our cameras backstage before the reveal of Lhuillier's newest designs. We learned a lot from the industry veteran and her team. Like your big day, a collection's debut takes a ton of prep and collaboration. From the setting to the models, there's a lot at play when it comes to achieving a designer's vision, and giving future brides everything they need to envision themselves in the gown of their dreams.

Balance is important when it comes to crafting wedding dresses-there's a desire to evolve the industry, while also continuing to appeal to clients. "I look at it as I'm doing bridal twice a year, so I try to move it forward as much as I can, but for her, it's her first bridal experience, so she wants something traditional, and she doesn't want it to be so forward," Lhuillier shared with us. In turn, "the Monique bride loves tradition, but she wants it with a twist."

Hear more from Lhuillier in the video above. Then, check back in for more backstage access and expert interviews, courtesy of our new Unveiled series.


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