Make your look work from ceremony to reception.
Credit: Bryan Gardner

Any seasoned makeup artist will know which products to use to give you a flawless wedding-day look, but there's one aspect of your bridal beauty routine that you'll need to weigh in on: your lipstick. Lip color is so personal, so what your makeup artist loves may not sit right with you. Plus, if you're trying to find one lipstick color that you can wear all day and night, you're in for an even bigger challenge. While some women choose to wear two different colors on the big day-a "day" lip look and a "night" color-many like the convenience of one color that looks just as good during photos and the ceremony as it does during dinner and on the dance floor. If you fall into this camp, know that there are no hard and fast rules for choosing a lip color that will take your look from day to night, but there are some things you can should keep in mind. Here, we offer our best tips for finding a versatile, day to night lip color for your wedding.

What's your bridal style?

Think about your overall look and the style you're going for. Is it whimsical and romantic? Then a soft, rosy pink or creamy coral might be the best shade for you. Are you going for something more bold and contemporary? Then consider a bright pop of color or modern matte. It's important to remember that your lip color can help play up your chosen style, so you should keep that in mind as you test different colors.

What's your everyday lip look?

If you are the type that really only ever wears lip balm, then a bright red lip color might not be the right choice. The opposite is true, too: If you favor bold lipsticks for daily wear, then it would probably feel odd to wear a barely-there neutral on the wedding day. Stick to your usual look to a certain extent-most brides want to look like the best version of themselves on the wedding day, not someone else entirely.

How will this color look in pictures?

You may worry that the lip color your makeup artist chooses will be too bright or deep in photos, but if that's the case, snap a quick picture to see. More often than not, you'll be shocked by how subtle a color looks in photos despite the fact that it really pops in person. If you're nervous that a lighter hue won't stand out in photos, try adding a gloss or liner for a little extra brightness and pop.

Will this color last?

Once you choose the perfect wedding lipstick make sure to test it out. Wear it on a day when you'll be able to eat drink, and kiss people on the cheek. If you aren't happy with how it wears, consider choosing a different formula or be prepared for a few touch-ups throughout your event.


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